The American Revolution in North Carolina

Lincoln County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers:

February 8, 1779

Col. William Graham
Col. Charles McLean
Col. Joseph Dickson

Col. William Graham
Col. Charles McLean
Lt. Col. William Erwin
Lt. Col. Frederick Hambright
Maj. Joseph Dickson
Maj. Francis McCorkle

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. William Erwin
Lt. Col. Frederick Hambright
Lt. Col. John Barber
Lt. Col. William Davenport
Lt. Col. Daniel McKisick
Lt. Col. Robert Smith

Maj. Joseph Dickson
Maj. Francis McCorkle
Maj. John Barber
Maj. John Carruth
Maj. William Chronicle
Maj. Joseph Graham
Maj. Jonathan Gullick
Maj. James Johnson
Maj. Daniel McKisick
Maj. Tutt

None Known

Miscellaneous Players:

Joseph Henry - Commissary, Wagon Master

Thomas McGee - Assistant Commissary

Adolph Reep - Commissary

Known Captains:

Robert Alexander

William Armstrong

James Baird

John Baldridge

John Barber

James Blackwell

Hugh Blair

Samuel Caldwell

William Caldwell

John Carruth

William Chronicle

John Clark

Joseph Collins

John Cook

John Culbertson

John Philip Dellinger

James Duff

Samuel Espey

Abraham Forney

Peter Forney

Nicholas Friday

William Frisal

John Garrett

William Graham

John Hardin Hambright

John Hazzleburger

Malcolm Henry

James Holland

William Hutchison

James Johnson

William Johnston


Thomas Lofton

Frank Long

James Lytle

Josiah Martin

Samuel Martin

Charles Mattocks

John Mattocks

Francis McCorkle

Joseph McDonnell

Thomas McGee

Daniel McKisick

John Mills

Jacob Mooney

John Moore

William Moore

James Morrison

John Murray

Joseph Neal

Benjamin Newton

Ephraim Perkins

Adam Reep

Taylor W. Richardson

John Robinson

William Sherrill

? Shuford

Peter Sides

George Smith

William Stewart

William Tabor

Lee Taylor

John Walker

John Weir

Isaac White

Thomas White

Henry Whitener


John Work

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

 John Boyd

Joseph Graham

James Hill

John Hoyle

William Johnson

William Rabb


James White


Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:


Adam Baird


Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:


James Gabriel 


Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

Robert Abernethy 

Conrad Adams

Philip Adams

Elias Alexander

Matthew Alexander

Vincent Allen

Matthew Armstrong

Robert Armstrong

Josias Black

Robert Blackburn

William Blackburn

Jonathan Blackwilder

Benjamin Bowles

Andrew Bowman

John Boyd

Richard Bradley

William Bradley

Jonas Bradshaw

Adam Brevard

Daniel Burnside

Richard Cain

William Caldwell

William Carroll

James Clark

Michael Clark

Boston Cline

James Collins

Martin Coulter

George Craycroft

John Crockett

George Dameron

James Day

Henry Dellinger

Elias Dobson

John Dobson

Philip Drum

Peter Eddleman

Nathaniel Edwards

Martin Ekard

William Elmore

Hugh Erwin

James Ewart

Robert Ewart

James Farewell

Mitchell Flemming

Jacob Forney

Philip Fry

Jacob Fye

James Gabriel

Enoch Gilmer

William Gilmer

John Glenn

Joseph Godwin

Robinson Godwin

Samuel Godwin

John Gregory

William Gregory

Adam Grunt

Nathan Gwaltney

John Haas

Simon Haas

Benedict Hahn

Joshua Hahn

John Hambright

John Helm

Abraham Helton

Robert Henry

George Herman

James Hill

Jacob Hoffman

John Hoffman

Isaac Holland, Jr.

Adam Hoppes

John Barker Ider

Henry Ikerd

Robert Johnston

Jacob Kesler

John Kidd

Leonard Killian

Samuel Killian

Robert Knox

James Krunkelton

Jesse Lane

Shadrack Lefy

Peter Little

Jacob Lutz

J.L. Lytton

Marmaduke Maples

Patrick Mason

Thomas Mason

William Mays

James McKee

Jonathan McLachlin

Ephraim McLean

John McLean

James Moore

Jeremiah Munday

William Newton

Arthur Patterson

Jonathan Patterson

John Pollerson

George Pope

William Potter

Michael Reep

Charles Regan

David Robinson

James Robinson

Henry Rumfelt

John Setzer

Michael Shell

Uriah Sherrill

Adam Sides

William Simpson

George Slankard

Peter Smith

John Stamey

Samuel Strain

Bartholomew Thompson

Philip Tillman

John Turbyfill

Robert Walker

Charles Whit

Abram Whitener

Benjamin Whitener

Daniel Whitener

Michael Whitener

James Wilkinson

Andrew Wilson

John Wilson

Matthew Wilson

Elisha Withers

Conrad Yoder


Russell Yunt


Brief History of the Regiment:

On February 8, 1779, the NC General Assembly created Lincoln County and its regiment of Militia out of part of Tryon County and its regiment of Militia, which was abolished. All officers were appointed and commissioned by the Governor.

The Lincoln County Regiment was active until the end of the war. Units of this regiment were known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Briar Creek (GA)


Chickamauga Towns (TN)


Purrysburg (SC)


Stono Ferry (SC)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Ramseur's Mill


Colson's Mill


Thicketty Fort (SC)


Rocky Mount (SC)


Wofford's Iron Works (SC)


Little Lynches Creek (SC)


Camden (SC)


Rugeley's Mills #1 (SC)


Fishing Creek (SC)


Graham's Fort


Kings Mountain (SC)


Rugeley's Mills #2 (SC)


Cowpens (SC)


Cowan's Ford


Tarrant's Tavern


Haw River


Whitesell's Mill


Reedy Fork


Guilford Court House


Hobkirk's Hill (SC)


Siege of Ninety-Six 1781 (SC)


Eutaw Springs (SC)


Cherokee Expedition 1782

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