The American Revolution in North Carolina

Northern Orange County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Known Lt. Colonels:

April 22, 1776

Col. James Saunders

Lt. Col. William Moore

Date Disbanded:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

May 9, 1777
(Became the Caswell County Regiment)

1st Maj. John Paine
2nd Maj. Thomas Harrison
Maj. John Atkinson
Maj. Israel Folsome
Maj. James Moore

None Known

Known Captains:

John Atkinson

Matthew DeWitt

James Falker

James Farquhar

John Faulkner

Shadrack Hargis

William Hubbard

Matthew Jouett

Daniel McFarland

John Moore

William Murray

William Rutherford

George Samuel

Adam Sanders

William Williams

Brief History of the Regiment:

On April 22, 1776, the original Orange County Regiment was split into two separate and distinct regiments - this, the Northern Orange County Regiment, and the Southern Orange County Regiment, which retained most of the officers of the original Orange County Regiment.

On May 9, 1777, the Northern Orange County Regiment was renamed as the Caswell County Regiment, and the Southern Orange County Regiment reverted back to its original name - the Orange County Regiment.

The Northern Orange County Regiment is not known to have participated in any battles/skirmishes during its brief existence. Units of this regiment, as well as other units among the Hillsborough District Brigade of Militia assembled in late 1776 to head out on the Cherokee Expedition, but they were recalled. Some sources claim they were sent back due to the lack of wagons and pack horses. Other sources indicate that by the time they mustered, the NC General Assembly decided they were superfluous and no longer needed since so many other units had already made it in time to join up with Brigadier General Griffith Rutherford on his westward march into Cherokee territory.


Known Battles / Skirmishes:



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