The American Revolution in North Carolina

NC Patriots 1775-1783: Their Own Words - a 3-Volume Set
The Most Comprehensive Treatise on North Carolina in the American Revolution in Many Decades

Volume 1
The NC Continental Line

Volume 2, Part 1
The Provincial and State Troops

Volume 2, Part 2
The Provincial and State Troops

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The Second Edition (2021) is now available in hard copy only - Click Here to order online - scroll down a little. Or click on single volumes above. The original three-volume set is only available in PDF online from Google Books as indicated below.




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~ 715 Pages
- 150+ First-hand accounts/quotes
- 19 Detailed org charts
- 21 Detailed tables
- 4 Maps
- 10 Laws (full text)
- Detailed chronology, year by year
- 37 Battles/Skirmishes, all units identified
- 7,200+ Individuals identified
~ 950 Pages
- 800+ First-hand accounts/quotes
- 26 Detailed org charts
- 53 Detailed tables
- 19 Maps
- 37 Laws (full text)
- Detailed chronology, year by year
- 191 Battles/Skirmishes, all units identified
- 82 Page detailed Index of names/places
~ 1,160 Pages
- 12,900+ Individuals identified and properly assigned to correct units and home counties (minor exceptions)


Volume 1 and Volume 2, Part 1 include extensive indexing. Volume 1 includes an alphabetized listing of all known NC Continental soldiers (over 7,200 men) in their appropriate units. Volume 2, Part 2 includes an alphabetized listing of all known NC Militia and State Troops (over 12,900 men) in their appropriate units.

This is a must have set for the serious Revolutionary War "wonk" - it is NOT a light read, but contains details not found in any other reference set. To the extent possible, first-hand accounts from personal letters, memoirs, and pension applications are included to provide insight (accurate or not) into what transpired. Once you start reading, you soon feel as if you are there - a compelling story soon unfolds, warts and all. If this Author "knows" that a particular passage is "erroneous," this is pointed out. Otherwise, the Author assumes the original notes are accurate to the best of the person's abilities.

Although every effort has been made for accuracy, one must accept that errors will be found in this set - the information in these books comes from sources over 200 years old. Much comes from surviving pensioners who made their pension applications more than 50 years after the war ended. Faulty recollections had to be interpreted, and these interpretations could very well be incorrect. The Author apologizes in advance for any found errors and/or omissions. You are welcome to transmit new information to me via email or snail-mail, but if I accept this new information, it may only show up in the website and not in any future editions (if any) of the eBooks or hardcopy books.

For example, many pensioners may note that a particular officer was at a given battle or skirmish, but descendents or other sources not available to this Author have proven that this officer was NOT at the stated battle or skirmish. Since no historian can possibly have access to EVERY possible source on the American Revolution, this Author has done "my best" to make things as accurate as humanly possible. I apologize in advance if errors and/or omissions are found. As stated above, I can and will make amends in the website data if corrections are necessary and substantiated, but I cannot guarantee that there will be future editions of the books that include any accepted corrections.

Conversely, there were certainly many officers that were at various battles/skirmishes that do not show up in these books nor in this website, primarily because no later pensioner mentioned their names, nor can their names be found on any existing lists or rolls. This is particularly true for NCOs - Corporals and Sergeants; but also for Ensigns, Cornets, Lieutenants, Majors, and Lt. Colonels. Pensioners could recall their Captain's name and often their Colonel's name, but few could recall the others, so they were not mentioned. This does not mean that they were "not there;" it just means no one bothered to document them. Again, this is a sad "fact of life."

Final note - this Author will not accept requests for assistance in DAR/SAR applications. These books can and should be used as a "starting point" for those interested in joining the DAR/SAR, but the Author simply can provide no more information than what is in this website or in the above-referenced books. To further research over 20,000 individuals would be impossible for anyone, so please do not bring it up. There are professionals who will do this research, so please contact them instead.

The Second Edition is the result of a lot of hard work by Ms. Carla Harper of Stokesdale, NC, and this Author expresses tremendous gratitude for making it happen. Thank you Carla.

The only differences between the original version and the 2nd Edition are the fixing of a few typos in the overall text (quite sure not all were found, sorry), and the addition of a handful of new names to Volume 2, Part 2 (which names added not noted, sorry).

As you find, the Original versions are only available as Adobe PDF on Google Books, and the 2nd Edition are only available as Hard Copy on Carla Harper's website. This Author is too danged old to mess with this complicated stuff any more. Ha.

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