The American Revolution in North Carolina

Rowan County Regiment of Militia*
1st Rowan County Regiment of Militia (10/22/1775 to 5/9/1777 and 5/1/1782 to 1783)

Date Established:


Original Officers (9/9/1775):

~ August 1, 1775

Col. Griffith Rutherford
Col. Matthew Locke
Col. Francis Locke
Col. Hugh Montgomery

Col. Griffith Rutherford
Lt. Col. Francis Locke
1st Maj. John Dobbins
2nd Maj. James Brandon

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. Francis Locke
Lt. Col. James Brandon
Lt. Col. Matthew Brandon
Lt. Col. Andrew Caldwell
Lt. Col. David Caldwell
Lt. Col. Alexander Dobbins
Lt. Col. Thomas Frohock
Lt. Col. John Hampton
Lt. Col. Ezekiel Polk
Lt. Col. William Porter

1st Maj. John Dobbins
2nd Maj. James Brandon
Maj. James Barr
Maj. George Henry Barrier
Maj. Lewis Bayard
Maj. James Brandon
Maj. William Lee Davidson
Maj. William Davis
Maj. Robert Gillespie
Maj. James Hall
Maj. Benjamin Harris
Maj. James Irvin
Maj. John Johnston
Maj. John Lopp
Maj. Madison
Maj. Martin
Maj. Thomas McGuire
Maj. Richmond Pearson
Maj. Ezekiel Polk
Maj. John Rowan
Maj. Philip Rutherford
Maj. Walter Sharp
Maj. James Smith
Maj. William Stewart

William Lee Davidson
George Lowman
Thomas McGuire

Miscellaneous Players:

Thomas Gillespie - Commissary

? Hall - Chaplain

James Kerr - Commissary

Joseph Marbury - QM General

David Ramsey - Commissary

John Scott - Commissary

Jacob Utzman - Commissary


William White - Paymaster

Known Captains:

William Alexander

Andrew Allison

? Armstrong

Abel Armstrong

William Armstrong

Jacob Aykler

John Baker

George Henry Barrier

Robert Bartley

Thomas Beatty

William Bell

James Benson

James Billingsley

James Black

William Bodenheimer

David Boyers

John Brandon

? Brown

Samuel Bryant

Daniel Bryson

John Bullin

Joseph Byars

David Caldwell

James Carr

Andrew Carson

Thomas Carson

James Cathey

Maurice Clark

William Cool

David Cowan

George Cowan

Thomas Cowan

Israel Cox

James Craig

Joseph Craig

David Crawford

James Crawford

James Caldwell Crawford

Joseph Cunningham

Alexander Davidson

Ephraim Davidson

George Davidson

John Davidson

Thomas Davidson

? Davis

Henry Davis

Myrick Davis

Samuel Davis

William Davis

John Dickey

Joseph Dickson

George Dowell

Richard Dowell

James Dunn

Silas Dunn

Jacob Eagle

David Enochs

Enoch Enochs

Gabriel Enochs

Galbraith Falls

William Falls

Peter Faust

Frederick Fisher

Peter Foss

John Garrison

Robert Gillespie

Francis Gordon

George Gordon

John Graham

Richard Graham

John Grimes

Frederick Grimminger

Moses Guest

James Guy

Joshua Hadley

Hugh Hall

John Harden

Peter Hardwick

Jesse Harris

Douglas Hayden

Liles Hedrick

Peter Hedrick

William Henry

? Hightower

John Holder

Robert Holmes

James Jamieson

? Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Daniel Johnston

John Johnston

William Johnstone

John Knox

Frederick Kremminger

Elias Langham

Alexander Langhorn

Elias Langhorn

Gilly Lewis

John Locke

John Lopp

William Lopp

Elijah Lyons

James Martin

William McAdoo

Joseph McMillen

Azariah Merrill

James Miller

Wendell Miller

Hugh Montgomery

Robert Moore

Thomas Morris

Patrick Morrison

Thomas Morrison

James Cole Mountflorence

James Myers

George Nichols

Jacob Nichols

Joshua Nichols

James Noland

James Pearson

Richmond Pearson

James Peavine

William Penny

James Person

? Pinson

James Purviance

David Ramsey

John Ramsey

John Randleman

Samuel Reid

Finesse Reynolds

Henry Robertson

Hugh Robinson

John Sharp

Joseph Sharpe

William Sharpe

Richard Simmons

Johnson Sloan

? Smith

Benjamin Smith

Casper Smith

David Smith

Frederick Smith

James Smith

? Snoddy

James Stevenson

? Thomas

John Todd

Hugh Torrance

Thomas Tremain

Andrew Vanoy

Hugh Waddell

George Wailes

John Wash

George Wathies

William Wilson

John Work

? Wright

? Wynn


Samuel Young


Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

James Campbell

? Elsbury

Thomas Morrison


Richmond Pearson


Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:

Nathaniel Johnston 


Jacob Utzman

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

Wallace Alexander 

James Anderson

William Bone

Josiah Brown

Andrew Bryson

David Caldwell

Frederick Cooper

John Duckworth

Robert Ferguson

Wooldrich Fritz

John Giles

Robert Hair

John Hollis

John Kidwell

Valentin Leonardt

Leonard Marbury

Richard McGuire

William McNary

Charles Merrill

Theophilus Morgan

James Paris

David Patton

Martin Penninger

David Ramsey

Robert Ramsey

John Reid

Hugh Robison


William Woods


Brief History of Regiment:

On September 9, 1775, the Provincial Congress authorized thirty-five (35) existing county Militias to be organized. All officers were appointed and commissioned by the Provincial Congress.

* On October 22, 1775, this unit was split into two separate and distinct regiments - the 1st Rowan County Regiment and the 2nd Rowan County Regiment. The 1st Rowan County Regiment retained most of the original members of the original Rowan County Regiment. On May 9, 1777, the 2nd Rowan County Regiment was renamed as the Burke County Regiment, and the 1st Rowan County Regiment reverted back to its original name - the Rowan County Regiment.

On May 1, 1782, this unit was once again split into two separate and distinct regiments - the 1st Rowan County Regiment and the 2nd Rowan County Regiment. These two separate regiments continued until the end of the war.

Units of this regiment were known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Ninety-Six 1775 (SC)


Great Cane Brake (SC)


Snow Campaign (SC)


Cherokee Expedition 1776


Briar Creek (GA)


Stono Ferry (SC)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Moncks Corner #1 (SC)


Ramseur's Mill


Earle's Ford (SC)


Colson's Mill


Little Lynches Creek (SC)


Camden (SC)


Fishing Creek (SC)


Mask's Ferry


Kings Mountain (SC)


Shallow Ford


Cowpens (SC)


Cowan's Ford


Tarrant's Tavern


Trading Ford


Grant's Creek


Hart's Mill


Haw River


Whitesell's Mill


Guilford Court House


Hobkirk's Hill (SC)


Siege of Ninety-Six 1781 (SC)


Eutaw Springs (SC)


Lindley's Mill


Cherokee Expedition 1782

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