The American Revolution in North Carolina

Tryon County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers (9/9/1775):

August 14, 1775

Col. William Graham
Col. John Walker
Col. Thomas Beattie

Col. William Graham
Lt. Col. Charles McLean
1st Maj. Thomas Beattie
2nd Maj. Frederick Hambright

Date Disbanded:

February 8, 1779
Split into the newly-created
Lincoln County Regiment &
Rutherford County Regiment

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. Charles McLean
Lt. Col. Thomas Beattie
Lt. Col. Andrew Hampton
Lt. Col. ? Jack

1st Maj. Thomas Beattie
2nd Maj. Frederick Hambright
Maj. Jacob Costner
Maj. ? Harrington
Maj. Andrew Long
Maj. George Pearis
Maj. Robert Porter

Andrew Floyd
Andrew Neal

Miscellaneous Players:

William Alston - Commissary

William Gilbert - Commissary

William Moore - Commissary

Known Captains:

Robert Alexander 

William Armstrong

James Baird

John Baldridge

John Barber

Matthias Barringer

William Beekman

Peter Carpenter

John Carruth

William Chronicle

James Cook

John Cook

John Philip Dellinger

Aaron Deveny

Joseph Dickson

David Dowell

James Duff

John Earle

Frederick Hambright

Adam Hampton

Andrew Hampton

Joseph Harden

Thomas Howard

James Johnson

James Jones

Samuel Killian

Abraham Kuykendall

William Magness

John Mattocks

Francis McCorkle

James McFadden

John McKinney

Ephraim McLean

John Miller

Thomas Mills

James Morrison

William Neville

George Paris

Robert Porter

Jonathan Potts

Robert Rankin

John Reid

James Richardson

Taylor W. Richardson

John Robinson

Peter Sides

Richard Singleton

William Stewart

George Taylor

James Taylor

Lee Taylor

John Tubb

Garrett Vanzant

Jacob Vanzant

Benjamin Vaughn

Isaac White

Adam Whiteside


James Withrow


Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:


George Taylor


Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:

Edward Camp


John Philip Dellinger

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

Edward Camp 

Thomas Camp, Jr.

William Camp

John Philip Dellinger

John French

Moses French

Samuel Miller

Robert Mosely

Austin Yancey

Brief History of the Regiment:

On September 9, 1775, the Provincial Congress officially authorized thirty-five (35) existing county Militias to be organized. All officers were appointed and commissioned by the Provincial Congress. The Tryon County Regiment had already mustered the month before.

On February 8, 1779, the Tryon County Regiment was abolished, and the existing units were placed into the newly-created Lincoln County Regiment and Rutherford County Regiment, with new field officers over each of the two new regiments. Therefore, the Tryon County Regiment of Militia ceased to exist.

Interestingly, Loyalists in the area refused to acknowledge the abolishment of Tryon County. Their fighting men considered themselves to continue in the Tryon County Loyalist Militia long afterwards.

Although many men were already on their way to South Carolina in the Purrysburg Expedition as their regiment changed names. Many men claimed they were still in the Tryon County Regiment during the battle of Briar Creek, GA - but, this Author has chosen to ignore those and assign the corrected names - Lincoln County Regiment or Rutherford County Regiment.

Units of the Tryon County Regiment are known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Great Cane Brake (SC)


Snow Campaign (SC)


Moore's Creek Bridge


Cross Creek


Round Mountain


Fort Moultrie #1 (SC)


Quaker Meadows


Cherokee Expedition 1776


Cherokee Expedition 1776 (TN)


French Broad River


Gilbert Town #1

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