The American Revolution in North Carolina

Washington District/County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers:

December 23, 1776
Renamed "County" on 12/18/1777

Col. John Carter
Col. Evan Shelby, Sr.
Col. John Sevier

Col. John Carter
Lt. Col. John Sevier
1st Maj. Charles Robertson
2nd Maj. Jacob Womack

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. John Sevier
Lt. Col. John Lewis
Lt. Col. Joseph Martin
Lt. Col. Alexander Outlaw
Lt. Col. Charles Robertson

1st Maj. Charles Robertson
2nd Maj. Jacob Womack
Maj. Hugh Baird
Maj. Anthony Bledsoe
Maj. Jacob Brown
Maj. Joseph Bullard
Maj. Landon Carter
Maj. Isaac Lane
Maj. Robert McFarland
Maj. Alexander Outlaw
Maj. Thomas Quirk
Maj. Valentine Sevier, Jr.
Maj. Benjamin Sharp
Maj. Isaac Shelby
Maj. Jonathan Tipton
Maj. Jesse Walton

David Hickey

Miscellaneous Players:

John Carmack - Commissary

Andrew Greer - Commissary

John Sevier - Commissary

James Stuart - Commissary


William Tatum - Commissary

Known Captains:

Robert Allison

? Anderson

John Anderson

William Asher

Jesse Bean

Robert Bean

William Bean

Thomas Biddle

Amos Bird

Joseph Black

John Blackamore

Abraham Bledsoe

Isaac Bledsoe

Luke Boyer

George Brooks

Jacob Brown

Robert Buchanan

William Buchanan

Joseph Bullard

John Bunch

Thomas Burk

? Burnett

Isaac Butler

Joel Callahan

John Campbell

Patrick Campbell

William Campbell

John Carmack

Robert Carson

Landon Carter

Joseph Casey

? Childs

Gilbert Christian

Benjamin Clark

Henry Clark

John Clark

William Clark

Boyle Cobb

William Cocke

Andrew Colville

Stephen Copeland

Andrew Cowan

William Cox

James Crabtree

Christopher Cunningham

William Daugherty

Nathaniel Davis

Abraham Denton

George Doherty

John Donaldson

? Dorton

John Duncan

James Dysart

Amos Eaton

David Edmondson

William Edmondson

James Elliott

William Elliott

Ewan Ellison

Nathaniel Evans

? Finley

Joseph Ford

Thomas Gann

James Gibson

Alexander Green

Joseph Guess

Samuel Handly

Thomas Hardeman

John Harden

Michael Harrison

Ning Hawkins

Samuel Henry

William Hicks

Abram Hill

Ninian Hoskins

James Hubbard

John Hunter

Thomas Jarnigan

Hugh Kelso

Andrew Kincannon

Robert King

Robert Kyle

? Lapsby

James Lawrence

William Lea

Aaron Lewis

John Looney

Joseph Lusk

Thomas Madison

John Mallugan

? Marlow

Brice Martin

Joseph Martin

Thomas Martin

James Maxfield

John McCampbell

Brent McFarland

Cornelius McGuire

David McNabb

Alexander Montgomery

James Montgomery

Alexander Moore

James Moore

Moses Moore

Samuel Newell

John Newman

George North

John Odle

Alexander Outlaw

W. Parker

John Patterson

James Pearce

Thomas Preston

Thomas Price

William Pruett

James Richardson

James Robertson

Elijah Robinson

James Roddy

George Russell

Edmund Sams

? Samuels

John Sawyer

John Scott

John Sevier

John Sevier

Robert Sevier

Valentine Sevier, Jr.

Evan Shelby, Jr.

Isaac Shelby

James Shelby

John Shelby

Adam Sherrill

Ezekiel Smith / Smythe

John Smith

William Smith

John Snoddy

John Steele

James Stevenson

James Stinson

John Stone

William Tate

Christopher Taylor

Isaac Thomas

James Thompson

Isaac Thorn

John Tipton

John Trimble

William Trimble

Henry Turney

Thomas Vincens

David Ward

? Waring

Samuel Wear

John Williams

Nathaniel Williams

Samuel Williams

Isaac Wilson

James Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Elijah Witt

Jacob Womack

Thomas Wood

? Young

? Young


Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

 William Blackburn

Samuel Edmondson

Andrew Kincannon


George Rooks


Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:


Robert Sevier 


Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:

John Robertson 


James Robinson

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

John Brown 

Alexander Chambers

Nicholas Fain

Nathan Gaun

John Gilliland

Alexander Greer

Samuel Handly

Francis Holley

James Hubbard

Peter Hughes

Jeremiah Jack

John Kusick

Michael Mahoney

Patrick Murphy

William Murphy

Jacob Norris

William Purselly

Joseph Sevier

Adam Sherrill (?)

Samuel Sherrill

Ute Sherrill

William Steele

Jasper Terry

Absalom Thompson


Robert Young


Brief History of the Regiment:

On December 23, 1776, the Washington District was established in what was commonly referred to by locals as the "Squabble State." Since the NC/VA State Line had not been surveyed westward to this location, many settlers considered themselves to be Virginians. To make matters worse, Virginia created a Washington County in essentially the same area, however, it too had not been surveyed.

On December 18, 1777, the Washington District was renamed to Washington County. It was not until 1779/1780 when the NC/VA State Line was finally surveyed. North Carolina's Washington County was now directly opposite of Virginia's Washington County.

NC created Sullivan County in 1779 out of part of Washington County. Both Sullivan County and Washington County were part of the Salisbury District Brigade of Militia until May of 1782 when the Morgan District Brigade of Militia was created.

In 1783, NC created Greene County out of part of Washington County.

The Washington County Regiment was active until the end of the war. Units of this regiment were known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Island Flats (TN) - VA Units


Fort Caswell (TN) - VA Units


Cherokee Expedition 1776 (TN) - VA Units


French Broad River - VA Units


Briar Creek (GA)


Chickamauga Towns (TN)


Prince's Fort (SC)


Thicketty Fort (SC)


Wofford's Iron Works (SC)


Camden (SC)


Musgrove's Mill (SC)


Kings Mountain (SC)


Blackstocks (SC)


Boyd's Creek (TN)


Cowpens (SC)




Whitesell's Mill


Reedy Fork


Guilford Court House


Fort Nashborough (TN)


Siege of Augusta (GA)


Eutaw Springs (SC)


Moccasin Creek (TN)


Moncks Corner #4 (SC)


Cox's Mill #3


Cherokee Expedition 1782


Lookout Mountain (TN)

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