The American Revolution in North Carolina

Alexander Martin

Lt. Colonel in the 2nd NC Regiment (NC Continental Line) - 1775-1776
Colonel over the 2nd NC Regiment (NC Continental Line) - 1776-1777
Member of Board of War - 1780-1781
4th Governor of North Carolina - 1782-1784 & 1789-1792

On 9/1/1775, Alexander Martin was commissioned a Lt. Colonel under Col. Robert Howe in the 1st NC Regiment, a "provincial regiment" at that time. With men from the Wilmington District and Salisbury District, it was placed on the Continental Line on November 28, 1775. Lt. Col. Alexander Martin led half of the 2nd NC Regiment (NC Continental Line) at the battle of Great Cane Brake, SC on December 22, 1775, and in the infamous Snow Campaign, SC on December 23-30, 1775.

On 4/10/1776, Alexander Martin was Commissioned Colonel/Commandant over the 2nd NC Regiment when Robert Howe was promoted to brigadier general. He led the 2nd NC Regiment at the battles of Fort Moultrie, SC on June 28, 1776; at Brandywine Creek, PA on September 11, 1777; and, at Germantown, PA on October 4, 1777. On 11/22/1777, he resigned his commission soon after being cleared of all charges against him for his conduct during the battle of Brandywine, PA (9/11/1777).

He returned home and quickly entered local politics, where he was soon thereafter elected as the Speaker of the Senate. In September of 1780, the NC General Assembly created a new Board of War, and they appointed Alexander Martin as one of five members. This body was disbanded in January of 1781.

When Gov. Thomas Burke was taken prisoner by Loyalists on 9/12/1781, Alexander Martin was soon named the state's first "Acting Governor," which he continued until Thomas Burke's escape from the British in Charlestown, SC and return to North Carolina in January of 1782.

In 1782, Alexander Martin was elected the 4th governor of North Carolina after Thomas Burke decided not to run for office again.

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