The American Revolution in North Carolina

Alfred Moore

Captain in the 1st NC Regiment - 1775-1777
Colonel in the Brunswick County Regiment of Militia - 1777-1782
NC State Attorney General - 1782-1791
Judge of NC Superior Court - 1798-1799
Justice of the US Supreme Court - 1799-1804

On 9/1/1775, Alfred Moore was commissioned a Captain under Col. James Moore (his uncle) in the 1st NC Regiment, considered to be "provincial troops" at that time. On 11/28/1775, this regiment was placed on the Continental Line. He resigned his commission on 3/8/1777 and returned to his home in Brunswick County along the Cape Fear River.

Capt. Alfred Moore led his company at the battles of Moore's Creek Bridge (2/27/1776), Fort Johnston #4 (3/8/1776), Fort Johnston #5 (5/1/1776), and the Breach Inlet Naval Battle, SC (6/28/1776).

In mid-1777, he was commissioned as Colonel in the Brunswick County Regiment of Militia, a position he retained until May of 1782.

On 5/3/1782, Alfred Moore was elected as the NC State Attorney General, and he resigned his commission as Colonel in the NC Militia to accept this new post.

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