The American Revolution in North Carolina

Benjamin Seawell

Captain in the Bute County Regiment of Militia - 1775-1776
Captain in the 2nd Battalion of Militia - 1776
Colonel over the Franklin County Regiment of Militia - 1779-1783

In 1775, Benjamin Seawell was commissioned as a Captain under Col. Thomas Eaton in the Bute County Regiment of Militia. Capt. Benjamin Seawell marched his company towards the Cape Fear region, but they were too late for the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge (2/27/1776).

On 6/11/1776, Capt. Benjamin Seawell was appointed to serve under Col. Peter Dauge in the 2nd Battalion of Militia, which was hastily created in anticipation of a British invasion that never materialized. He and his 49 men, among other companies, were stationed at Wilmington, NC. This unit was disbanded on 8/13/1776 and returned home.

It is entirely likely that he remained as a Captain in the Bute County Regiment under Col. Thomas Eaton from 1776 until 1779, but records are absent on this timeframe.

On 1/30/1779, the NC General Assembly created Franklin County out of Bute County (which was abolished), and soon thereafter they commissioned Benjamin Seawell as the Colonel/Commandant over the newly-established Franklin County Regiment of Militia. He remained in this position until the end of the war.

In May of 1780, Col. Benjamin Seawell took a large group of men towards South Carolina, but they learned of the Fall of Charlestown on 5/12/1780 and returned home. Similarly, he took another large group of men towards South Carolina in August of 1780, but learned of Gates's Defeat at the battle of Camden, SC (8/16/1780) at Cheraw Hills, SC and then took his men to Charlotte then to Salisbury, where they, and others, were placed under the command of Brig. Gen. Jethro Sumner (a Continental officer). They were dismissed when their time was up.

Several sources assert that Benjamin Seawell was first a Lieutenant in the Bute County Regiment, but this Author has seen no evidence of it. It is my humble opinion that if he was a Lieutenant, it was prior to the Revolution.

Benjamin Seawell was born in 1741 in Brunswick County, VA. He died on 7/16/1821 in McMurray Place, Horn Springs, TN.

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