The American Revolution in North Carolina

Francis Nash

Lt. Colonel in the 1st NC Regiment - 1775-1776
Colonel over the 1st NC Regiment - 1776-1777
Brigadier General in the NC Continental Line - 1777

On 9/1/1775, Francis Nash was commissioned as a Lt. Colonel under Col. James Moore in the 1st NC Regiment, considered to be "provincial troops" at that point in time. On 11/28/1775, this regiment was placed on the Continental Line. Lt. Col. Francis Nash was with Col. James Moore in the events leading up the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge on 2/27/1776.

On 4/10/1776, Francis Nash was commissioned as Colonel/Commandant of the 1st NC Regiment upon the promotion of James Moore to brigadier general. He led part of the 1st NC Regiment at the battle of Fort Moultrie, SC on 6/28/1776.

On 2/5/1777, Francis Nash was commissioned as Brigadier General after the death of Brig. Gen. James Moore, and he was given command of the 3rd NC Brigade. After Brig. Gen. Robert Howe was given command of the Southern Department in Charlestown, Brig. Gen. Francis Nash was given command of all NC Continental regiments, which were consolidated into what was simply called "The NC Brigade" and sent northward to join up with Gen. George Washington.

Brig. Gen. Francis Nash led the NC Brigade at the battles of Brandywine Creek, PA (9/11/1777) and Germantown, PA (10/4/1777). He was mortally wounded at the battle of Germantown and died on 10/7/1777.

On 12/17/1777, the NC General Assembly created Nash County, which was named in honor of Francis Nash.

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