The American Revolution in North Carolina

James Thackston

Colonel over the Hillsborough District Minutemen - 1775-1776
Lt. Colonel in the 4th NC Regiment - 1776-1780

On 9/9/1775, James Thackston (aka James Thaxton) was commissioned as Colonel/Commandant over the Hillsborough District Minutemen. He led the Hillsborough District Minutemen at the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge on 2/27/1776. All Minutemen regiments were disbanded on 4/10/1776.

On 4/15/1776, James Thackston was commissioned as a Lt. Colonel under Col. Thomas Polk in the newly-created 4th NC Regiment on the Continental Line. Lt. Colonel James Thackston participated in the battles of Brandywine Creek, PA (9/11/1777), Germantown, PA (10/4/1777), and Stono Ferry, SC (6/20/1779). He had a finger shot off during the battle of Stono Ferry, SC.

During the latter part of 1779 and most of 1780, Lt. Col. James Thackston was in NC helping to recruit new men for the NC Continental Line. Most records indicate he remained associated with the 4th NC Regiment, which was led in 1779 by Col. James Armstrong. However, there are hints that he was also associated with the 5th NC Regiment, which was led by Col. Thomas Clark during 1779.

On 1/1/1781, James Thackston accepted "half pay" and retired from active duty in the NC Continental Line. He did, however, continue to participate and oftentimes led units of the Orange County Regiment of Militia during 1781 and possibly later.

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