The American Revolution in North Carolina

John Hinton, Sr.

Colonel over the Wake County Regiment of Militia - 1775-1778

On 9/9/1775, John Hinton, Sr. was commissioned as Colonel/Commandant over the Wake County Regiment of Militia. He led this regiment at the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge on 2/27/1776. He resigned his commission in August of 1778, and his son, John Hinton, Jr. was commissioned as a Colonel, alongside Col. Michael Rogers.

John Hinton, Sr. (as this Author has identified him) was born c.1718, the son of John Hinton and Mary ? of Chowan County, NC. He moved to Johnston County and by 1768 (or earlier), John Hinton, Sr. was a Major in the Johnston County Militia. When Wake County was created in 1771, John Hinton, Sr. was appointed as Colonel over the newly-formed Wake County Militia. During Gov. William Tryon's march against protesters in the War of Regulation, Col. John Hinton, Sr. raised his quota of men, marched with Gov. Tryon, and participated in the battle of Alamance on 5/16/1771.

John Hinton, Sr. was granted thousands of acres of land by Earl Granville, mostly in what is now Wake County. He built his home along the Neuse River, about six miles east of present-day Raleigh. John Hinton, Sr. was elected to represent Wake County in the 3rd Provincial Congress of August 1775 in Hillsborough, and in the 4th Provincial Congress of April 1776 in Halifax. John Hinton, Sr. was elected to represent Wake County as a State Senator in 1780. He married Grizelle Kimbrough, and they had eight known children that survived him. He died in the Spring of 1784.

Click Here for an online biography of John Hinton, Sr., and some of his ancestors, as provided by Mary Hilliard Hinton in 1915.

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