The American Revolution in North Carolina

John Williams

Lt. Colonel in the Hillsborough District Minutemen - 1775-1776
Colonel over the 9th NC Regiment - 1776-1778

On 9/9/1775, John Williams was commissioned as a Lt. Colonel under Col. James Thackston in the Orange County Minutemen Regiment. Both men participated in the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge on 2/27/1776. All Minutemen regiments were disbanded on 4/10/1776.

On 11/26/1776, John Williams was commissioned as Colonel/Commandant over the newly-created 9th NC Regiment on the Continental Line. On 6/1/1778, this regiment was disbanded, never to be resurrected. John Williams returned to his home in Caswell County and continued to support the NC Militia in Orange County and Caswell County in many ways until the end of the war.

John Williams was born on 7/7/1740 in Hanover County, VA, the son of Nathaniel Williams and Elizabeth Washington. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Williamson on 3/16/1767 in Charlotte County, VA, and they had two (2) known children. He died on 12/1/1804 in Caswell County, NC. John Williams was elected to represent Caswell County in the House of Commons during 1778-1780, and in the state Senate during 1782 and 1793-1794.

Click Here for an electronic version of his widow's federal pension application, dated 4/1/1853. 

Click Here for a photo and a brief writeup about the gravesite of John Williams. Note, his headstone incorrectly shows his death in 1799, yet no one has provided a reason for this error, except that his last will and testament was dated 1798. There are many records to prove he lived until late 1804.

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