The American Revolution in North Carolina

Nicholas Long

Colonel over the Halifax District Minutemen - 1775-1776
Deputy Quarter Master General (DQMG) for North Carolina, a Continental position
with the rank of Colonel - 1776-1783

On September 9, 1775, the NC Provincial Congress appointed Nicholas Long as Colonel/Commandant over the Halifax District Minutemen, a position he retained until all Minutemen regiments were disbanded on April 10, 1776. Col. Nicholas Long led the Halifax District Minutemen at the battles of Great Bridge, VA (12/9/1775) and Norfolk, VA (1/1/1776).

On May 7, 1776, Nicholas Long was appointed as Deputy Quarter Master General (DQMG) for the Southern Department (NC Continental Line) until the end of the war. His headquarters was at Camp Quankey near Halifax, North Carolina. One source asserts that he was replaced by Col. William Richardson Davie in 1781, but this assertion is not correct. Col. William Richardson Davie was appointed as Commissary General in early 1781, a totally different position, one that was eliminated in 1782. As mentioned earlier, Col. Nicholas Long retained the position of DQMG until the end of the war in 1783.

Nicholas Long was born in 1728 in Virginia, and he died in 1798 in Halifax County, NC. He married Mary Reynolds.

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