The American Revolution in North Carolina

Philemon Hawkins, Jr. (aka Philemon Hawkins II)

Lt. Colonel in the Bute County Regiment of Militia - 1775-1779
Lt. Colonel in the Warren County Regiment of Militia - 1779-1783

On September 9, 1775, the NC Provincial Congress appointed Philemon Hawkins, Jr. as a Lt. Colonel under Col. William Person in the Bute County Regiment of Militia.

On May 3, 1776, the NC Provincial Congress appointed Philemon Hawkins, Jr. as the Colonel/Commandant over the newly-created 2nd Battalion of Militia, a hastily-created regiment in anticipation of a British invasion that never materialized. Philemon Hawkins, Jr. declined to serve and this regiment was assigned to Col. Peter Dauge. This Author "assumes" that he returned to the Bute County Regiment of Militia and served until Bute County was abolished in 1779. One source asserts that he chose to be a Captain of Militia during 1778, but was soon returned to his Lt. Colonel rank. Another source asserts that Philemon Hawkins, Jr. was first offered the Colonel/Commandant over the Bute County Regiment in April of 1776, but he decided forego that promotion after a month or so, and Thomas Eaton was soon given the leadership role in his place.

On January 30, 1779, the NC General Assembly created Warren County out of the abolished Bute County, and they appointed Philemon Hawkins, Jr. as a Lt. Colonel under Col. Thomas Eaton in the newly-created Warren County Regiment of Militia. Available records indicate that he retained this position until the end of the war in 1783.

Philemon Hawkins, Jr. (II) was born on September 28, 1717 in Charles City County, VA, the son of Philemon Hawkins and Anne Eleanor Howard. He married Delia Martin in 1743 in Brunswick County, VA, and they had seven known children - Delia, John, Philemon III, Benjamin, Frances, Joseph, and Anne. He died on September 10, 1801 in Warren County, NC.

Upon the death of his father, this man took the appellation of "Sr." since he also had a son named Philemon, who then went by "Jr." Confusing.

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