The American Revolution in North Carolina

Thomas Wade

Colonel over the Salisbury District Minutemen - 1775
Colonel over the Anson County Regiment of Militia - 1776-1783

On September 9, 1775, the NC Provincial Congress appointed Thomas Wade as Colonel/Commandant over the Salisbury District Minutemen.

On December 21, 1775, the NC Provincial Congress split the Salisbury District Minutemen into two separate regiments - one commanded by Col. Griffith Rutherford, the second commanded by Col. Thomas Polk. This Author has not learned what happened to Col. Thomas Wade between December of 1775 and March of 1776.

On March 2, 1776, Col. Samuel Spencer resigned and soon thereafter, Thomas Wade was appointed as Colonel/Commandant over the Anson County Regiment of Militia. Available records indicate that he retained this position until the end of the war in 1783.

One source asserts that he was the Commissary Superintendent of Anson County in late 1780 to 1781, again with the rank of Colonel.

Col. Thomas Wade led the Anson County Regiment of Militia at the battles of Briar Creek, GA (3/3/1779), Cole's Bridge #2 (3/31/1781), Piney Bottom Creek (8/3/1781), Beatti's Bridge (8/4/1781), Richmond & Cumberland Counties (8/9/1781), Little Raft Swamp (9/1/1781), and Lindley's Mill (9/13/1781). His sons George and Thomas were both Captains in the Anson County Regiment of Militia.

Thomas Wade was born in 1722. He married Mary Jane Boggan in 1745 and they had seven known children - Margaret, Holden, George, Mary, Thomas, Jane, and Sarah. He died in 1786.

Thomas Wade was a delegate to the Third Provincial Congress of August 1775 in Hillsborough; and the Fifth Provincial Congress of November 1776 in Halifax.

Wadesboro, originally New Town and the county seat of Anson County, was named for Thomas Wade in 1787 after his death in 1786.

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