The American Revolution in North Carolina

Capt. Thomas DeVane, Jr.*

Known Regiment(s) Associated With:

Known Year(s) as a Captain:

1st Battalion of Militia
1st Battalion of Volunteers
New Hanover County Regiment
Brunswick County Regiment


Known Lieutenants:

Known Ensigns:

Known Sergeants:

Known Corporals:

John Champion
John Lambert
William Neal
George Robeson
Jacob Williams

Solomon Cooper
John Smith

Marcus Fennell
Job Holden

None Known

Known Privates, Drummers, Fifers, etc.:

James DeVane

John DeVane, Jr.

Nicholas Fennell

Ezekiel Hawes

Hugh Murphy

Richard Plummer

Charles Tharp



Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Brown Marsh
* Note - during 1778-1779, this unit was considered part of the "New Levies." Most evidence points to him being in the Brunswick County Regiment from 1778 to 1781, but it is entirely possible that he was actually in the New Hanover County Regiment all this time and only "attached" to the Brunswick County Regiment.

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