The American Revolution in North Carolina

Big Juniper Creek

December 1781

Patriot Cdr:

Capt. John Cox
Loyalist Cdr:

Col. David Fanning






Original County: 

Cumberland County
Present County:

Moore County

aka McLendon's Creek.

Since he had lost his benefactors due to the evacuation Wilmington by the British army, Col. David Fanning had to rely on raids of Patriots' homes for supplies. While making these raids, he had to remain away from Col. Elijah Isaacs who was looking for him.

One of Col. Fanning's targets was Capt. John Cox. Cox was not at home, but was staying at the home of a friend in Chatham County. After destroying Cox's home, Col. Fanning and his men rode on to the house of John Cox's father, Robert Cox.

Robert Cox lived in the forks of Big Juniper Creek and McLendon's Creek, west of the present-day town of Carthage. Inside the home were John Cox, Robert Lowe, and William Jackson.

Around midnight, Col. Fanning and his men arrived and they rushed the house. The Patriots heard them approach and the ran for their horses. Some ran by the location where Col. Fanning had hidden his horses, and they took the Loyalist's horses. Finding no one left inside, Col. Fanning burned down the home.

The three Patriots had not gone far and they returned to watch. The sentries noticed them and Col. Fanning was soon once again in pursuit. They split up and Col. Fanning followed William Jackson with one of his Loyalists. Jackson turned and fired, hitting the man next to Fanning. Fanning returned fire and he killed Jackson.

Robert Lowe was captured by Capt. Stephen Walker and returned to the burning house. Lowe had been in Fanning's militia, but had switched sides. Col. Fanning recognized him and ordered him shot. After being shot several times he remained alive somehow. Fanning drew his own pistol and killed him.

John Cox was able to get away when his pursuer's horse fell in a creek.

Known Patriot Participants

Known British/Loyalist Participants
Capt. John Cox - Cumberland County Regiment.
- Robert Lowe - killed
- William Jackson - killed
Col. David Fanning
- Capt. Stephen Walker

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