The American Revolution in North Carolina

Mask's Ferry

September 10, 1780

Patriot Cdr:

Capt. Peter Hedrick & Capt. John Lopp
Loyalist Cdr:

Capt. John Kimbrough






Original County: 

Anson County
Present County:

Anson County

aka William Mast's Ferry.

On September 10th, Capt. Peter Hedrick and Capt. John Lopp and their light horse militia attacked a group of Loyalists near Mask's Ferry on the Pee Dee River. The Patriots killed some of them and took eleven prisoners.
On November 23, 1780, Col. Thomas Wade wrote to Major General Horatio Gates:

"Sir, the unhappy John Kimbrough, a late captain of the disaffected and deluded people of the neighborhood, after lying out every since he was defeated at Mask's Ferry in September last, is this day come in and surrendered himself, and saith that he heartily & willingly submits himself to the mercy of the country, being fully convinced of his error, and willing to be subject to the laws thereof."

In his 1832 pension application, Jeremiah Green (S6919) asserted:

"But perfectly recollects being in one engagement at Mask's Ferry on the Yadkin River fought commanded by the before mentioned Captain John Lopp and Captain [Peter] Hedrick & Lieutenant Joseph Cunningham where there was a number killed & wounded, & that he knows of only one man to wit Landrine Eggers that was in the same battle now alive..."

In his 1837 pension application update, William Boyd (R1094) asserted:

"That he was in a second engagement with the Tories at William Mast's ferry on big Pedee River still under the command of [Lt.] Colonel Drury Ledbetter, and Captain Buckner Kimbrell, [Captain] James Crump and [Captain] Thomas Childs commanded companies and were in the engagement, and the Tories were commanded by Colonel Fanning, and in the engagement the Tories were defeated, and the Whigs took some prisoners and property previously taken by the Tories."

Note - his is the only statement that mentioned these participants, and Loyalist David Fanning was not a Colonel until mid-1781 - however, Fanning was active during 1780 as a known Captain of Loyalist Militia. No other source mentioned Fanning in this brief engagement.

In his 1832 pension application, Henry Winkler (W3061) asserted:

"He afterward volunteered in a company of horse commanded by Capt. Hedrick from Rowan County-Colonel Lofting [probably William Lofton] commanded. We followed some British Dragoons & Tories from the edge of Rowan County to a place called Mass Ferry [Mask’s Ferry] on the PeeDee River, where we had an engagement & defeated them--we took a good many prisoners & a good many was killed & wounded--he recollects a brother of Colonel Lofton was killed there-he was an officer of [indecipherable word] grade--we marched back toward Salisbury."

Known Patriot Participants

Known British/Loyalist Participants
Rowan County Regiment of Militia detachment of two (2) known companies, led by:
- Capt. Peter Hedrick - unknown number of men
- Capt. John Lopp - unknown number of men

Unknown number of Loyalists, led by Capt. John Kimbrough


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