The American Revolution in North Carolina

5th North Carolina Regiment

Date Established:


Original Officers:

April 15, 1776

Col. Edward Buncombe
Col. Thomas Clark

Col. Edward Buncombe
Lt. Col. Henry Irwin
Maj. Levi Dawson

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors:

Lt. Col. Henry Irwin
Lt. Col. William Lee Davidson
Lt. Col. Henry "Hal" Dixon

Maj. Levi Dawson
Maj. Thomas Hogg

Maj. Reading Blount

Known Regimental Adjutants:

Henry Darnell


James Verrier

Known Quarter Masters:

Asa Brooks

John Giles

Nimrod Swan

James Verrier


John Wood

Miscellaneous Players:

Thomas Benbury - Paymaster

Samuel Cooley - Surgeon

Hezekiah Foard - Chaplain

Peter Mallett - Commissary

John Rogers, Jr. - Paymaster

James Spicer - Paymaster

Known Captains:

Simon Alderson

Charles Allen

Thomas Armstrong

Reading Blount

James Campbell

William Caswell

Benjamin Andrew Coleman

Henry Darnell

Thomas Donoho

John Enloe

William Groves

William Lytle

James Mills

Joseph Montford

James Morehead

Dennis Porterfield

Peter Simon

John Slaughter

Benjamin Stedman

John Sumner

Philip Taylor

William Ward

Thomas White

John Pugh Williams

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

 Lewis Cannon

Nathaniel Dickerson

William Knott

Dennis Porterfield


Jabez Smith

Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:

 John Hill

Jabez Smith

James Verrier

Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:

 Robert Brownlay

John Giles

Archibald Kennedy


James Taylor


Known Corporals - Captain Unknown:

William Godfrey

Abraham Jenkins

Levy Sanderlin

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

 William Brandon

Daniel Davenport 

William Davis

James Erwin

David Gilaspy

Isaac Hopkins

Thomas Jones

Robert McKay

Henry Miller

William Parker

John Parks

Gideon Pettit

Thomas Ricketts

Levy Sanderlin

D. Thomas Tyack

William Watson


John Worsley

Brief History of Regiment:

The 5th North Carolina Regiment was authorized on March 26, 1776 and assigned to the Southern Department.

The 5th North Carolina Regiment was organized on April 17, 1776 at Wilmington. It included eight companies from New Bern, Edenton, and Hillsborough Districts.

On February 5, 1777, it was removed from the Southern Department and assigned to the Northern Department. On July 8, 1777, it was assigned to the NC Brigade, an element of the Northern Department.

On May 29, 1778, Continental Congress ordered the reorganization of all NC regiments due to low numbers in their ranks. The 5th NC Regiment was folded into the 3rd NC Regiment under Col. Jethro Sumner, and all officers were sent home to recruit new men. Many officers simply retired.

In January of 1779, Col. Thomas Clark, previously commanding the 1st NC Regiment, was given command of the newly-reconstituted 5th NC Regiment. Since all officers and men were in North Carolina, it was decided to leave the 5th NC Regiment in the Southern Department under Brigadier General Jethro Sumner, and it was hastily sent to South Carolina to join under Major General Benjamin Lincoln. Men were added all Spring and Summer of 1779 and marched southward.

Since most men were only required to serve nine months, the 5th NC Regiment simply dissolved in late 1779 (perhaps into early 1780), never to be resurrected. The few remaining men still on active duty were folded into the newly-rebuilding 3rd NC Regiment once again, this time under Lt. Col. Robert Mebane.


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Brandywine Creek (PA)


Germantown (PA)


Briar Creek (GA)


Stono Ferry (SC)


Siege of Savannah (GA) (one unit)

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