The American Revolution in North Carolina

1st North Carolina Regiment

Date Established:


Original Officers:

 September 1, 1775

Col. James Moore
Col. Francis Nash
Col. Thomas Clark
Lt. Col. William Lee Davidson

Col. James Moore
Lt. Col. Francis Nash
Maj. Thomas Clark

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors:

Lt. Col. Francis Nash
Lt. Col. Thomas Clark
Lt. Col. William Davis
Lt. Col. Robert Mebane
Lt. Col. John Baptiste Ashe
Lt. William Lee Davidson

Maj. Thomas Clark
Maj. William Davis
Maj. Caleb Granger
Maj. John Walker
Maj. John Baptiste Ashe
Maj. John Nelson

Known Regimental Adjutants:

Thomas Armstrong

Stephen Conger

Lehancius DeKeyser

John Rice


William B. Williams

Known Quarter Masters:

Yelverton Foakes

Edmund Gamble

Patrick Rogers


William Womack


Miscellaneous Players:

Joseph Blythe - Surgeon

Adam Boyd - Judge Advocate, Chaplain

Richard Bradley - Paymaster

Ephraim Brevard - Surgeon

Thomas Bull - Surgeon's Mate

James Fergus - Surgeon

James Geekie - Surgeon 

Charles Gerrard - Paymaster

James West Green - Surgeon

Isaac Guion - Surgeon

Thomas Hale - Deputy Muster Master

Frederick Helmburg - Surgeon

William Kenan - Commissary

William Lord - Paymaster

William MacLean - Surgeon's Mate

William McClure - Surgeon

Isaac Nicholson - Commissary

James Read - Paymaster

James Tate - Chaplain

Abisha Thomas - Deputy Muster Master

James Ward - Surgeon's Mate

Known Captains:

Thomas Allen

William Armstrong

Peter Bacot

Benjamin Bailey

Joshua Bowman

Richard Bradley

Alexander Brevard

John Brown

Thomas Callendar

James Campbell

George Lee Davidson

William Davis

Henry "Hal" Dixon

Tilghman Dixon

Thomas Donoho

Caleb Grainger

William Green

Joshua Hadley

Thomas Hogg

Samuel Jones

James King

Micajah Lewis

William Lytle

Griffith John McRee

James Mills

Joseph Montford

Alfred Moore

Elijah Moore

Isaac Moore

Henry Neill

James Pearl

William Pickett

Peter Raiford

Robert Ralston

James Read

Joseph Thomas Rhodes

Robert Rowan

William Saunders

John Gambier Scull

Anthony Sharpe

Robert Smith

John Sumner

Absalom Tatum

Howell Tatum

Lawrence Thompson

James Verner

John Walker

William Walton

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

Samuel Ashe

Samuel Ashe, Jr.

William Ashe

Benjamin Bailey

Robert Bell

William Berryhill

Joshua Bowman

Adam Boyd

Joseph Brevard

John Brown

William Bush

John Cheese

William Crawford

Lehancius DeKeyser

Richard Dickinson

Tilghman Dixon

George Graham

Francis Graves

William Hill

Thomas Hogg

Hardy Holmes

John Irwin

William Kenan

John Lambert

Joseph Lemmy

John Lillington

Thomas Lloyd

John McLaughlan

John McNees

Hector McNeill

Elijah Moore

Maurice Moore, Jr.

Henry Neill

Dennis Porterfield

Robert Ralston

Hezekiah Rice

Septimus Robinson

William Saunders

Howell Tatum

John Will


Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:

William Armstrong

Cincinatus Ashe

Peter Bacot

Samuel Blythe

Adam Boyd

Matthias Brickle

John Brown

Thomas Callendar

John Cheese

James Child

Robert Council

James Craven

William Crawford

Stephen Daniel

Lehancius DeKeyser

George Graham

Thomas Hall

Job House

John Irwin

James King

Abner Lamb

Joseph Lemmy

Neil McAllister

James Moore

Maurice Moore, Jr.

Henry Neill

Thomas Pickett

Henry Pope

Robert Ralston

James Read

Septimus Robinson

Patrick Rogers

John Gambier Scull

John Sumner

Howell Tatum

John Taylor

Charles Triplett

Berryman Turner

James Waters

Samuel Waters


William Watters

Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:

Stephen Conger

Samuel Gilston

Fred Heimberg

William Hopper


Benjamin Ricks

Known Corporals - Captain Unknown:

 Willoughby Jarvis

Gibbs Lamb

John Lutts

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

John Abbot 

Benjamin Allen

 Westwood Armistead

John Bagnell

Edom Benton

Elkahan Benton

Benjamin Blango

Moses Blango

Adam Boyd

Benjamin Braddy

Henry Braddy

Richard Braoly

Thomas Brown

Edward Burwick

William Bynum

Britton Carroll

John Christmas

Joseph D. Christmas

William Armon Cox

Christian Dasher

John Dempsey

James Dupree

William Eason

Robert Ecret

Jesse Eggerton

Leweston Hawkins

Balaam Johnson

William Kenney

Mason King

Jesse Knight

William Knott

Josiah Lasiter

Charles Lewis

Ephraim Lewis

Bryan Maddry

John Marsh

Dixon Marshall

Richard Martin

Abel Miller

James McCobb

 John Meadows

John Minshew

Oliver Mitchell

John Moore

Matthew Moore

William Moore

Daniel Murphy

John Mushaw

Aaron Odam

Isom O'Neal

John Owens

Caleb Perdue 

Jonathan Person

Joshua Pritchett

Noah Robison

Peter Rainey

Robert Ruff

David Ryles

Job Sanders

James Simmons

Elias Smith

Henry Smith

James Sriven

John Stewart

Thomas Walker

Ephraim Watson

Solomon Watson

Robert L. Whitaker

Batson Whites


James Wiggins


Brief History of Regiment:

The 1st North Carolina Regiment was organized September 1, 1775 with men from the Wilmington District and the Salisbury District. It included ten (10) companies and was considered to be NC Provincial Troops.

On November 28, 1775 the Continental Congress ordered both North Carolina regiments reorganized on the new Continental eight-company structure, and this was completed by January 4th, 1776. It was now officially on the Continental Line.

On February 27, 1776, the 1st NC Regiment was assigned to the Southern Department. On February 5, 1777, it was reassigned to the Northern Department. On July 8, 1777, it was assigned to the NC Brigade, an element of the Northern Department.

On June 1, 1778, it was reorganized to consist of nine (9) companies.

On July 19, 1779, the NC Brigade, including the 1st NC Regiment, was reassigned to the Highlands Department. The NC Brigade was then reassigned on November 11, 1779 to the Southern Department and all regiments were marched to Charlestown, SC.

May 12, 1780, the 1st NC Regiment surrendered 278 men to the British Army at the Fall of Charlestown, SC.

Reconstituted from April to July of 1781, with detachments being hurriedly sent to South Carolina to support Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene. As men were recruited, they were assembled and marched southward, usually with no uniforms and with no arms or ammunition. Ultimately, the 1st NC Regiment again became part of the NC Brigade (one and only one), an element of the Southern Department.

The regiment was furloughed on April 23, 1783 at James Island, South Carolina and officially disbanded on November 15, 1783.


Known Battles / Skirmishes:

 December 22, 1775

Great Cane Brake (SC)

December 23-30, 1775

Snow Campaign (SC)

February 27, 1776

Moore's Creek Bridge

March 8-12, 1776

Fort Johnston #4

April 6, 1776

Brunswick Town #1

May 1-3, 1776

Fort Johnston #5

May 11, 1776

Orton Mill & Kendal Plantation

June 28, 1776

Fort Moultrie #1 (SC)

June 28, 1776

Breach Inlet Naval Battle (SC)

September, 1776

Florida Expedition

September 11, 1777

Brandywine Creek (PA)

October 4, 1777

Germantown (PA)

June 28, 1778

Monmouth (NJ)

May 16, 1779

Near West Point (NY)

July 15, 1779

Stony Point (NY)

 April 14, 1780

Moncks Corner #1 (SC)

May 6, 1780 

Lenud's Ferry (SC)

May 7, 1780

Fort Moultrie #2 (SC)

March 28 to May 12, 1780

Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)

March 15, 1781

Guilford Court House

April 25, 1781

Hobkirk's Hill (SC)

May 12, 1781

Fort Motte (SC)

May 21 to June 19, 1781

Siege of Ninety-Six 1781 (SC)

May 24 to June 1, 1781

Siege of Augusta (GA)

September 8, 1781

Eutaw Springs (SC)

September 12, 1781


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