The American Revolution in North Carolina

10th North Carolina Regiment

Date Established:


Original Officers:

April 17, 1777

Col. Abraham Sheppard

Col. Abraham Sheppard
Lt. Col. Adam Perkins
Maj. John Sheppard

Lt. Colonels:


Lt. Col. Adam Perkins

Maj. John Sheppard

Known Regimental Adjutants:


None Known


Known Quarter Masters:


Alexander Outlaw


Miscellaneous Players:

William Alford - Asst. Commissary

Ebenezer Blackley - Surgeon's Mate

Isaac Bryan - Paymaster

William Moore - Surgeon's Mate

Benjamin Sheppard - Paymaster

Thomas Williams - Commissary

Known Captains:

Thomas Donoho

Dempsey Gregory

Armwell Herron

John Jarvis

Isaac Moore

Joseph Thomas Rhodes

William Shepherd

Abraham Sheppard, Jr.

John Slaughter

Silas Stevenson

Andrew Vanoy

James Wilson

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

John Campbell 

William Ferrell

Francis Graves

Isaac Hardy

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Jones

Elijah Moore


William Shepherd

Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:


Thomas Orrell


Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:

Joseph Allen 

Caleb Dolly

Peter Dunnick

Known Corporals - Captain Unknown:

 George Browning


Matthias Cates

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

Benjamin Adkins 

James Amsley

William Baker

William Baker

Alexander Ballentine

Wyllis Barco

Amos Berry

Enos Bissel

William Brandon

Cornelius Bray

John Brazel

Benjamin Brewer

William Bridget

Willis Bright

John Brooks

James Brown

Robert Brown

John Burges

Philip Burgess

Curtis Clements

John Cotton

John Davis

George Dowdy

Marina Dukemore

Thomas Dunnigan

Nathaniel Ewell

Stephen Ewell

Francis Fleetwood

Benjamin Flood

John Hargrove

John Harman

James Harrard

Theophilus Hays

William James

William Jennings

Brutus Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Henry Johnson

John Jones

Philip Jones

Thomas Jones

William Jones

William Loughry

Hardy Parthis

John Peacock

Pearson Peal

Joseph Phillips

Thomas Powell

William Powell

James Purdy

John Wallace


Willoughby Williams


Brief History of Regiment:

The 10th North Carolina Regiment was authorized on April 17, 1777 and assigned to the Northern Department on June 12, 1777.

The 10th North Carolina Regiment was organized during the Summer and Fall of 1777 at Kinston, NC. It included eight companies from the northwestern part of the state. On July 8, 1777, it was assigned to the NC Brigade, an element of the Northern Department - two companies started marching northward in August of 1777. These two companies joined the NC Brigade at the battles of Brandywine Creek and Germantown, both in Pennsylvania.

The remainder of the 10th NC Regiment reached Hanover County, VA in mid-February of 1778, much depleted due to desertions and illnesses. The pitifully few that made it to Valley Forge, PA were disbanded and attached to the 1st NC Regiment and the 2nd NC Regiment.

On May 29, 1778, Continental Congress ordered the reorganization of all NC regiments due to low numbers in their ranks. The already defunct 10th NC Regiment was officially disbanded effective June 1, 1778, never to be resurrected.

In many later histories and rolls, authors incorrectly identified men to have served in the 10th NC Regiment until 1783. However, none truly served in the 10th NC Regiment after June 1, 1778.


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Brandywine Creek (PA) (two companies)


Germantown (PA) (two companies)

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