The American Revolution in North Carolina

3rd North Carolina Regiment

Date Established:


Original Officers:

April 15, 1776

Col. Jethro Sumner
Lt. Col. Robert Mebane
Lt. Col. John Armstrong

Col. Jethro Sumner
Lt. Col. William Ashton
Maj. Samuel Lockhart

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors:

Lt. Col. William Ashton
Lt. Col. Lott Brewster
Lt. Col. William Lee Davidson
Lt. Col. Henry "Hal" Dixon
Lt. Col. Selby Harney
Lt. Col. Robert Mebane
Lt. Col. John Armstrong

Maj. Henry "Hal" Dixon
Maj. Pinketham Eaton
Maj. Samuel Lockhart

Maj. James Emmet
Maj. Thomas Hogg
Maj. Griffith John McRae

Known Regimental Adjutants:

Anthony Hart

Alvery Hodgton

Nathaniel Nuthall


Robert Washington


Known Quarter Masters:

Joseph Brevard

John Clendenan

Charles Coleman

John Fleming

Francis Graves

Thomas Hornsby

John Lockhart

Dougal McKey

Nathaniel Mitchell

Dancey Penticost

John Tillery

Whitfield Wilson

Miscellaneous Players:

Thomas Amis - Commissary

William Amis - Commissary

John Baker - Surgeon's Mate

Kedar Ballard - Paymaster

William Blount - Paymaster

Joseph Blythe - Surgeon

Richard Bradley - Paymaster

Charles Dixon - Paymaster

Robert Hall - Surgeon

James Hogun - Paymaster

Jonathan Loomis - Surgeon

William McClure - Surgeon

William Ridley - Surgeon

William Usher - Surgeon

John Webb - Commissary


Robert Williams - Surgeon


Known Captains:

William Armstrong

Benjamin Bailey

John Baker

Kedar Ballard

William Barrett

George "Gee" Bradley

James Bradley

Alexander Brevard

William Brinkley

Francis Child

James Cook

John Daves

Pinketham Eaton

Nicholas Edmunds

James Emmett

William Fawn

Thomas Granbury

John Gray

Clement Hall

Anthony Hart

Curtis Ivey

Daniel Jones

Gabriel Jones

Samuel Jones

William Thomas Linton

John McNees

John Medearis

Joseph Montford

Dennis Porterfield

Michael Quinn

Francis Tartanson

Philip Taylor

Jacob Turner

Matthew Wood


Edward Yarborough

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

 Thomas Allen

Joseph Brevard

John Daves

John Dillard

Charles Dixon

Thomas Dudley

John Fellows

Christopher Goodwin

Francis Graves

Alvery Hodgton

Curtis Ivey

Samuel Jones

James Powers

William Turbee

Henry Vincent


Reuben Wilkinson


Known Ensigns - Captain Unknown:

William Charlton

Thomas Dudley

Nathaniel Lawrence

James Wallis


Reuben Wilkinson

Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:

John Baker

Moses Bishop

Charles Coleman

Henry Cooper

John Fleming

John Hall

Isaac Hudson

Henry Joiner

Bryant Lee

Dancey Penticost

John Reddie

Saul Reed

Thomas Roberts

John Steptoe

Curl Tucker

Nathaniel Vaisy

Jesse Vick 

Willis Wicker

Known Corporals - Captain Unknown:

Isaac Bagley

Thomas Barnes

Edward Dikons

Thomas Green

Thomas Smith

Curl Tucker

Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

 Amos Alsbrook

Thomas Ammons

Richard Braoly

George Bridges

Michael Brinkley

Samuel Brown

Thomas Brown

William Cain

William Casey

John Chester

John Christie

James Cleveland

Jeffrey Cooley

James Crawford

Hazard Creed

Luke Dempsey

Stephen Edwards

Samuel Emerson

Burrell Evans

John Good

William Good

Henry Gray

Joseph Harrison

Isom Hatchcock

Edward Hatcock

John Hobgood

Francis Hughes

Benjamin Jarmin

Eli Joyner

John Lewis

John Lewis

Famoth Lucas

Thomas Manning

Robert Marlow

Thomas Meigs

Joel Merrit

Paul Michum

Maxwell Montcrief

John Moore

Matthew Moore

Reuben Moore

William Moore

Bartlet Moreland

Jesse Night

William Orange

Drury Parham

William Parham

Benjamin Partin

William Phillips

James Powell

Joseph Powell

Wasdon Pully

Abraham Punal

James Reynolds

Ephraim Rhodes

Israel Scott

James Scurlock

Samuel Sentell

James Shanks

George Sneet

Joseph Spear

Samuel Spear

David Terry

Uriah Thompson

Erastus Tippett

Thomas Turner

Vincent Vaughan

Miles Watson

Sion Wheelis

Jacob Williamson

Matthew Worley

Richard Yarborough

Brief History of Regiment:

The 3rd North Carolina Regiment was authorized on January 16, 1776 by the General Assembly. On February 27, 1776, it was assigned to the Southern Department, even though it was not yet organized.

The 3rd North Carolina Regiment was organized April 15, 1776 at Wilmington. It included eight companies from Halifax, Edenton, and Hillsborough Districts.

On February 5, 1777, it was reassigned to the Northern Department. On July 8, 1777, it was assigned to the NC Brigade, an element of the Northern Department.

On June 1, 1778, it was reduced to a mere cadre at Valley Forge, PA, and removed from the NC Brigade. On July 9, 1778, it was reorganized to consist of nine (9) companies.

On November 7, 1778, the 3rd NC Regiment was removed from the Northern Department and re-assigned to the Highlands Department. On December 19, 1778, it was removed from the Highlands Department and re-assigned to the Middle Department.

On April 17, 1779, the 3rd NC Regiment was removed from the Middle Department and re-assigned to the Southern Department - stationed in Philadelphia, PA. The regiment was so depleted that it was sent home to recruit new men under Lt. Col. Robert Mebane. This took a while since Mebane was quite ill at the time.

On November 5, 1779, it was reorganized at Halifax, NC, with nine (9) companies formed and trained at the High Hills of the Santee, SC. It was the first NC Continental regiment to march to the protection of Charlestown, SC in late 1779 / early 1780.

On February 14, 1780, the 3rd NC Regiment was assigned to Parker's Brigade, an element of the Southern Department. On March 6, 1780, it was removed from Parker's Brigade and re-assigned to the NC 1st Brigade under Brigadier General James Hogun, an element of the Southern Department.

May 12, 1780, the 3rd NC Regiment surrendered 162 men to the British Army at the Fall of Charlestown, SC.

Reconstituted from April to July of 1781, with detachments being hurriedly sent to South Carolina to support Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene. As men were recruited, they were assembled and marched southward, usually with no uniforms and with no arms or ammunition.

Effective January 1, 1783, all NC Continentals were consolidated into a single regiment, ostensibly the 1st NC Regiment, essentially eliminating all other NC Continental regiments, including the 3rd NC Regiment. By June of 1783, these remaining troops were furloughed at James Island, SC while awaiting the final signing of the peace treaty with Great Britain.

The 3rd NC Regiment was furloughed on January 1, 1783 at James Island, South Carolina and officially disbanded on November 15, 1783.


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Fort Moultrie #1 (SC)


Florida Expedition


Brandywine Creek (PA)


Germantown (PA)


Monmouth (NJ)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Little Lynches Creek (SC) (1 unit)


Camden (SC) (1 unit)


Guilford Court House (1 unit)


Hobkirk's Hill (SC)


Eutaw Springs (SC)

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