The American Revolution in North Carolina

March 10, 1775

September 15, 1775

October 25, 1775

November 28, 1775

December 22, 1775

February 27, 1776

May 15, 1776

June 15, 1776

November 30, 1776

December 31, 1776

February 15, 1777

May 1, 1777

August 1, 1777

October 15, 1777

December 20, 1777

May 10, 1778

August 17, 1778

February 15, 1779

December 31, 1779

May 12, 1780

August 16, 1780

September 10, 1780

February 15, 1781

August 10, 1781

April 24, 1782

June 15, 1782

January 15, 1783

May 15, 1783


In May of 1779, the dissolving 3rd NC Regiment was disbanded and Lt. Col. Robert Mebane was sent home to rebuild it. Since his health was failing, this was not a quick solution. The 2nd NC Artillery Company was disbanded in June of 1779.

An ex-Continental officer who came south with Major General Benjamin Lincoln, Col. François DeMalmedy pulled together the almost-disbanded NC Light Dragoons and other elements into a new NC Light Dragoons Regiment. They were very useful at the battle of Stono Ferry, SC on June 20th.

By now, the Militia that had been in South Carolina under Major General John Ashe and Brigadier General Griffith Rutherford had returned home after the ill-fated battle of Briar Creek, GA. New Militia units under Brigadier General John Butler of the Hillsborough District Brigade of Militia were now in South Carolina under Major General Benjamin Lincoln. Brigadier General (Pro Tempore) Ambrose Ramsey was back at home overseeing the remnants of the Hillsborough District Brigade of Militia.

With the inglorious defeat at Briar Creek, GA, Brigadier General William Bryan resigned on April 27th, and Brigadier General William Skinner resigned on May 10th. Major General John Ashe resigned sometime during May of 1779. Brigadier General William Caswell was commissioned on May 8th to lead the New Bern District Brigade of Militia, replacing William Bryan. Brigadier General Isaac Gregory was commissioned on May 15th to lead the Edenton District Brigade of Militia, replacing William Skinner.

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