James Hassell

President of the Council & Acting Governor of North Carolina Province 1771

The persons who composed Governor Arthur Dobbs's Executive Council during his administration were: James Hassell, Matthew Rowan, James Murray, Francis Corbin, John Dawson, Lewis Henry De Rossett, John Rieussett, James Jones, John Swann, John Rutherfurd, Richard Speight, Edward Brice Dobbs, Charles Berry, John Simpson, Henry Eustice McCulloch, Alexander McCulloch, William Dry, Robert Palmer, and Benjamin Heron.

The Judges were: James Hassell, Peter Henly, Charles Berry, George Nicholas, Joseph Anderson and Charles Elliott. Thomas Childs was Attorney General.

James Hassell, being the first named of the Executive Council, on the departure of Governor William Tryon, was qualified as President of the Executive Council and Acting Governor in July of 1771. He soon resigned the reins of government to Josiah Martin, who had been commissioned by the Crown, and who arrived in North Carolina, at New Bern, on August 11th.
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