A History of Hendersonville, North Carolina

Downtown Hendersonville, North Carolina

Hendersonville was a hunting ground for the Cherokees before Revolutionary War soldier William Mills “discovered” the area in the late 1780s. Mills received one of the first land grants west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which was dated 1787, and settled the land to become the thriving community it is today. Hendersonville is the county seat for Henderson County.

The village of Hendersonville received its charter from the General Assembly as the City of Hendersonville and was officially recognized as the county seat of Henderson County on January 7, 1847. Hendersonville’s original charter fixed the corporate city limits to be a half mile from the court house, but not to go beyond Mud Creek. The charter stated that five commissioners were to be elected at once as the governing body of the town.

The elected five commissioners took the oath of office and appointed a magistrate and a town constable. The constable also served as the city tax collector, city treasurer, and the overseer of the city streets.

Hendersonville First Baptist Church was the first church organized within the city limits of the new county seat. The church was founded in 1844; the first services were held in the court house. In 1848, the city deeded the church a lot that was located between South Main Street, East Barnwell Street, and Mud Creek. The church built its first structure a year later and started the first graveyard within the city limits.

During the 1920s the graves were removed so that King Street, which ended at East Barnwell Street, could be extended through to South Main Street as it is today.

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Hendersonville was granted a U.S. Post office on September 28, 1841 and John M. Kirnzey was the first Postmaster. It has been in continuous operation ever since inception.

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