North Carolina Railroads - New Hope Valley Railroad


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Planned Starting Point

Planned Ending Point



Never in Ops

Never in Ops

New Hill, NC

Carrboro, NC
Never built. Sold rights to Durham & South Carolina Railroad in 1905.

The original charter of the New Hope Valley Railroad authorized the owners to build a railroad from a point near New Hill, NC on the Raleigh & Augusta Air Line Railroad. This place was later named Bonsal, NC in honor of the first president of the company. The northern end of the railroad was set in the charter as a point in Orange County near Chapel Hill, NC. This was probably the village of West End, now the town of Carrboro, NC where a market dealing in railroad ties had already existed for some years. Seven strips of one-hundred foot wide right-of-way were purchased in Chatham County for the railroad, but no track was ever laid by the NHV.

On 20 January 1905, the partners chartered another company, called the Durham & South Carolina Railroad, to build a railroad from Durham, NC at a place called Keene (now the junction of Fayetteville and Riddle Roads in south Durham) to an unnamed point in South Carolina. They then sold the NHVRR to the new company on 7 April 1905, and began grading the right-of-way and laying track. The D&SC completed the thirty-one miles of railroad from Bonsal to Durham on 15 October 1906.

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