South Carolina - The War of 1812

The Known Military Units from South Carolina

The troops in the War of 1812 were basically of two kinds - the regular army, known as regulars, and the militia. The regulars were entirely volunteers. All men belonged to the militia, but not all militias were called into service. Those who were actually enrolled were known as the detached militia; they were obtained preferably by volunteers from the total militia or by conscription if not enough volunteered. The militia in the past had been thought of as a body of men only used for home defense, but in the War of 1812 they were not only used at home but were also sent out of the state to aid at other danger points.

Colonel Nash's regiment of South Carolina volunteers suffered great hardships in the Creek War phase of the conflict. The President appointed one-sixth of his new generals from South Caolina. Major General Thomas Pinckney commanded the Sixth Military District. George Izard, of the regulars, served under Major General Wade Hampton on the Canadian front and in March, 1814, was made Brigadier General to command around Lake Champlain. Major Arthur P. Hayne fought under General Andrew Jackson. The gallant Colonel Fenwick was severely wounded at Queenstown. Lieutenant John Templar Shubrick, who later distinguished himself against Algiers, was awarded a handsome sword by the South Carolina legislature for his gallantry against the Guerriere, the Java, and the Peacock.

1st Regiment SC Militia (Mean's)

1st Regiment SC Militia (Youngblood's)

2nd Regiment SC Militia (McWillie's)

Felder's Battalion Artillery SC Militia

3rd Regiment SC Militia (Alston's)

Gasque's Battalion SC Militia

4th Regiment SC Militia

Howard's Detachment SC Militia

5th Regiment SC Militia (Keith's)

Julian's Battalion SC Militia

Austin's Regiment SC Militia

Nash's Regiment SC Volunteers

Rowe's Regiment SC Militia

Rutledge's 3rd Regiment SC State Troops

Tucker's Regiment SC Militia

Butler's Division

The Known US Navy Officers that Served in South Carolina

The following list of Naval Officers come from the US Navy records. All were stationed in Charleston, South Carolina during the War of 1812, but it is not currently known where their original homes were.




Hugh G. Campbell

Sailing Master

William Cansler

Sailing Master

George Croft

Sailing Master

Linton Dudley

Sailing Master

Isaac Haller

Sailing Master

Edward Jones

Sailing Master

Philip McLachlin

Sailing Master

Joseph Taylor

Sailing Master

Thomas Watts


George Logan

Surgeon's Mate

Horatio S. Waring


William Sinclair


Archibald Campbell


Abraham De Lion


Benjamin Secundus Grimke


Daniel S. Gaillard


Levi Harby


P.R. Mazyck


George Patton


John F. Pelot


Edward Postell


L.Q.C. Roberts


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