South Carolina During the Late 1800s - 1865 to 1900

Members of the 49th General Assembly - 1870 to 1872
This 49th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from November 22nd to December 22nd in 1870, then from January 5th to March 7th in 1871. The second session was held from November 28th to December 22nd in 1871, then from January 5th to March 12th in 1872.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

Hutson J. Lomax (1) /
Jeremiah Hollinshead (2)

Everidge Cain

Henry H. Ellison

Mitchell Goggins

Lawrence Pembroke Guffin

Thomas N. Talbott

Anderson County

John Wilson

William D. Perry

Warren D. Wilkes

John Wilson

Barnwell County

Charles P. Leslie

Benjamin F. Berry

Edward Ferguson

Charles D. Hayne

James N. Hayne

Benjamin Nerland

Edward M. Sumter

Beaufort County

Robert Smalls

J.B. Bascomb

Hastings Gantt

Samuel Greene

Charles S. Kuh (3)

Nathaniel B. Myers

Emil Nehemias

William J. Whipper

Charleston County

David Thomas Corbin,
William H. Mishaw (4) /
Samuel Eden Gaillard (5)

Charles J. Andell

Benjamin A. Boseman, Jr.

Richard Bryan

Thomas A. Davis

John Benjamin Dennis

William E. Elliott

Adam P. Ford

William C. Glover

J.J. Hardy (6) / Christopher Columbus Bowen (7)

P.P. Hedges

H.H. Hunter

Timothy Hurley

William R. Jervey

Orlando R. Levy

Joseph W. Lloyd

Aadon Logan

Edward Mickey

Abraham Smith

Chester County

Lucius Wimbush

Barney Humphries

Sancho Saunders

B.G. Yocum

Chesterfield County

Gideon Walker Duvall

Minor Jackson Hough (8) / William Littlefield (9)

B.C. Evans (10) / J.P. Singleton (11)

Clarendon County

Elias Evander Dickson

Syfax Milton

Jared Warley

Colleton County

George Francis McIntyre

Abraham P. Holmes

F.J. Maddocks

Sherman Smalls

Robert S. Tarlton

William M. Thomas

Darlington County

Benjamin Franklin Whittemore

Alfred Hart

Richard H. Humbart

Samuel J. Keith

Jordan Lang

Edgefield County

Franz Walburg von Arnim

John A. Barker

Lawrence Cain

John A. Green

David Harris

William Kennedy

Samuel J. Lee

Prince R. Rivers

Fairfield County

George W. Barber

W. J. McDowell

Alfred Moore

S.M. Smart

Georgetown County

Joseph Hayne Rainey (12) /
John Francis Beckman (13)

James A. Bowley

William H. Jones, Jr.

Thomas D. McDowell

Greenville County

James M. Allen

Stephen Stanley Crittenden

Hewlett Sullivan

George Washington Taylor

Leonard Williams

Horry County

James S. Burroughs

James Elkanah Dusenbury

George Thomas Litchfield

Kershaw County

Henry Cardozo

Frank Adamson

Reuben D. Gaither

Stephen Garey

Lancaster County

Frederick Albert Clinton

R.W. Cousart

Allen Hudson

Laurens County

Young John Pope Owens

Joseph Crews

Griffin Coleman Johnson

Harry McDaniel

Wade Perrin (14)

Lexington County

Elliott Stanmore Jerome Hayes

F.W. Derrick

Daniel Kinsler (15)

Marion County

Henry E. Hayne

Joel Allen

Thomas Randolph Bass

Francis Allen Miles

J.C. Sellers

Marlboro County

Henry J. Maxwell

Samuel Jackson

John William Thomas

Newberry County

Charles W. Montgomery**

Joseph D. Boston

Henry C. Corwin

John T. Henderson


Diedrich Biemann

Oliver Miller Doyle

Julius Lewis Shanklin

Orangeburg County

Joseph A. Greene (16) /
George W. Sturgeon (17)

Benjamin Byas

William Dannerley

James L. Jamison

William H. Reedish

J.H. Wallace

Pickens County

William Earle Holcombe

James Earle Hagood

Richland County

William Beverly Nash

James Davis

Aesop Goodson

William Simons

Samuel Benjamin Thompson

Spartanburg County

Joel Foster

David Robinson Duncan

Joseph Banks Lyle (18)

Robert Marion Smith

Joseph Llewellyn Wofford

Sumter County

William E. Johnston

William H. Gardner

Franklin J. Moses, Jr.*

W. Warren Ramsay

Asbury L. Singleton

Union County

Hiram W. Duncan

Simeon Farr

Junius S. Mobley

Samuel Nuckles

Williamsburg County

Stephen A. Swails

Florian Henry Frost

Fortune Giles

Jeffrey Pendergrass

York County

William Edward Rose

Benjamin Franklin Briggs

John W. Mead

Patrick Joseph O'Connell

John Hannibal White
* Franklin J. Moses, Jr. was elected as Speaker of the House. Albert O. Jones was elected as Clerk.
** Charles W. Montgomery was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Josephus Woodruff was elected as Clerk.
(1) Died on November 11, 1870 before the general assembly convened.
(2) Elected to replace Hutson J. Lomax, qualified on 2/25/1871.
(3) Died circa September 25, 1871 of chronic dysentery.
(4) Elected on November 10, 1870, despite his death on October 18, 1870. New election called.
(5) Elected to replace William H. Mishaw, qualified on 2/25/1781.
(6) Resigned on November 14, 1871.
(7) Elected to replace J.J. Hardy, qualified on 12/2/1871.
(8) Election protested, and election overturned.
(9) Successfully contested the election of Minor Jackson Hough, qualified on 2/3/1871.
(10) Election protested, and election overturned.
(11) Successfully contested the election of B.C. Evans, qualified on 2/7/1871.
(12) Resigned after being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, effective 11/28/1870.
(13) Elected to replace Joseph Hayne Rainey, qualified on 2/25/1871.
(14) Wade Perrin was murdered on October 20, 1870, before taking his seat in the House. No evidence that anyone was elected to take his place for this general assembly.
(15) Daniel Kinsler died on December 11, 1870. No evidence that anyone was elected to take his place.
(16) Joseph A. Greene died on November 26, 1871.
(17) Elected to replace Joseph A. Greene, but his election was protested by James L. Jamison and this seat remained vacant during this general assembly.
(18) Expelled from the House of Representatives because of his affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). He was allegedly the Chief of the Grand Klan in Spartanburg County and fled South Carolina to avoid arrest by the U.S. Marshals.
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