South Carolina During the Late 1800s - 1865 to 1900

Members of the 50th General Assembly - 1872 to 1874

This 50th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from November 26th to December 20th in 1872, then from January 7th to February 26th in 1873. The second session was held from November 25th to December 22nd in 1873, then from January 20th to March 17th in 1873. A Special Session was convened from October 21st to November 24th in 1873.

Aiken County was created in 1871, and its citizens elected delegates to the SC General Assembly in 1872. Barnwell County had to give up a couple of delegates in the House of Representatives.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

Jeremiah Hollinshead

Everidge Cain

Henry H. Ellison

Thomas H. Martin

John Robert Tolbert

Hannibal A. Wideman

Aiken County

Charles D. Hayne

Gloster H. Holland

William B. Jones

Samuel J. Lee*

Prince R. Rivers

Anderson County

John Wilson

John Robert Cochran

John Caldwell Calhoun Featherstone

John Wilson

Barnwell County

James Michael Smith

Benjamin H. Nerlan

Frederick Nix, Jr.

Benjamin W. Middleton

Edward M. Sumter

Beaufort County

Robert Smalls

J.B. Bascomb

Hastings Gantt

Samuel Greene

Thomas Hamilton (1)

Nathaniel B. Myers

George A. Reed

J. Douglass Robertson

Charleston County

Samuel Eden Gaillard,
William R. Jervay

Charles J. Andell

Robert Betal Artson

Benjamin A. Boseman, Jr. (2) / Edward William McGregor Mackey (3)

James Brennan

Richard Bryan

Adam P. Ford

Joseph J. Grant

William A. Grant

James F. Greene

Timothy Hurley

Orlando R. Levy (4) / C.C. Puffer (5)

Charles F. North

Edward Petty

Isaac Prioleau

Nathaniel T. Spencer

Julius Caesar Tingman

Robert W. Turner

John Vanderpool

Chester County

John Lee

John Lilly

Charles Simms

Prince Young

Chesterfield County

Gideon Walker Duvall

Alfred M. Lowry

William Walter Spencer

Clarendon County

Elias Evander Dickson

Augustus Collins

Jared D. Warley

Colleton County

George Francis McIntyre

William H. Fraser

Abraham P. Holmes

Sherman Smalls

Robert S. Tarlton

William M. Thomas

Darlington County

Benjamin Franklin Whittemore

John Boston

Richard H. Humbert

Samuel J. Keith

Jackson A. Smith

Edgefield County

Lawrence Cain

John A. Barker

David Graham

Augustus Simkins

Paris Simkins

Lewis Simons

Fairfield County

Sanders Ford (6) /
Moses Martin (7)

Levi Lee

Isaac Miller

M.S. Miller

Georgetown County

William H. Jones, Jr.

James A. Bowley

Charles Green

Charles H. Sperry

Greenville County

Thomas Quinton Donaldson

Stephen Stanley Crittenden

John H. Goodwin

James McCullough

James P. Moore

Horry County

Thomas C. Dunn

Noah Bryant Cooper

James Elkanah Dusenbury

Kershaw County

Henry Cardozo

Frank Adamson

Reuben D. Gaither (8)

Allison W. Hough

Lancaster County

Frederick Albert Clinton

William Black

Daniel C. Wolfe

Laurens County

Young John Pope Owens

Joseph Crews

James Mills

Caesar Sullivan

James Young

Lexington County

John Christian Hope

Jacob Walter Lowman

Henry Adam Meetze

Marion County

Christopher C. Smith

Erasmus H. Gourdin

Eben Hayes

John W. Johnson

Benjamin A. Thompson

Marlboro County

Henry J. Maxwell

Jacob C. Alman

Dudley P. McLaurin

Newberry County

Henry C. Corwin

Joseph D. Boston

Sampson S. Bridges

Isom Greenwood


William Calhoun Keith

Edmund Hernden

Enos A. Tate

Orangeburg County

James L. Jamison (9) /
Thaddeus C. Andrews (10)

Abram Dannerly (11)

John Dix

Samuel L. Duncan

J. Felder Myers

Henry Riley (11)

Pickens County

William Earle Holcombe

Robert Esli Bowen

Richland County

William Beverly Nash

Andrew W. Curtis

John T. Gilmore

Charles S. Minort

Samuel Benjamin Thompson

Spartanburg County

David Robinson Duncan

Gabriel Cannon

William Poole Compton

Thomas John Moore

Robert Marion Smith

Sumter County

William E. Johnston

Thomas Brent Johnston

W. Warren Ramsay

Butler Spears

James Clement Wilson

Union County

Thomas Bothwell Jeter

Benjamin Herndon Rice

John Wallace

William Henry Wallace

Williamsburg County

Stephen A. Swails**

Fortune Giles

James Farmer Peterson

Thomas Presley

York County

John Hannibal White

Nelson Davies

M.L. Owens

James A. Ratchford

Daniel Williams
* Samuel J. Lee was elected as Speaker of the House. Albert O. Jones was elected as Clerk.
** Stephen A. Swails was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Josephus Woodruff was elected as Clerk.
(1) Thomas Hamilton was suspended on February 11, 1873 for the remainder of the first session for persistently breaking the rules of the House of Representatives.
(2) Appointed as Postmaster of Charleston by President Ulysses S. Grant, confirmed by the U.S. Senate on March 17, 1873. Had to give up his seat in the House.
(3) Elected to replace Benjamin A. Boseman, Jr., qualified on 10/24/1873.
(4) Appointed a Trial Justice for Wards Number 1 and 2 of Charleston by SC Governor Robert K. Scott on April 1, 1873.
(5) Elected to replace Orlando R. Levy, qualified on 10/24/1873.
(6) Sanders Ford died on August 10, 1873.
(7) Elected to replace Sanders Ford, qualified on 10/22/1873.
(8) Election protested by John A. Chestnut, but the House Committee on Priveleges and Elections found the charges to be groundless and ruled that R.D. Gaither could retain his seat in the House.
(9) James L. Jamison died on July 2, 1873.
(10) Elected to replace James L. Jamison, qualified on 10/23/1873.
(11) Abram Dannerly and Henry Riley wer expelled from the SC House of Representatives on March 12, 1874 for disorderly conduct and profane language.
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