South Carolina During the Late 1800s - 1865 to 1900

Members of the 53rd General Assembly - 1878 to 1880

This 53rd General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from November 26th to December 24th in 1878. The second session was held from November 25th to December 24th in 1879. A Special Session was convened from February 10th to February 20th in 1880.

During 1878, the General Assembly created Hampton County and the citizens voted in its delegates. The number of delegates for Beaufort County was reduced as a result.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Chappell Maxwell

William Kidd Bradley

Henry Holcomb Harper

Robert Reid Hemphill

Samuel McGowan (1) / James David Neel (2)

James Henry Rice

Aiken County

Andrew Pickens Butler (3) /
George William Croft (4)

James Aldrich

John Murphy Bell

Judson Brodie

Thomas Jones Davies

Anderson County

Baylis Franklin Crayton

William Carroll Brown

Charles Stark Mattison

Edwards Bobo Murray

John Wilson

Barnwell County

Thomas Jefferson Counts

John C. Davant

Henry Hartzog (5) / William Branch Rice (6)

Isaac McPherson Hutson

Joseph A. Miller

David Paul Sojourner

Beaufort County

Joseph W. Collins

Hastings Gantt (7)

Thomas Ezekiel Miller

Benjamin Simmons

Charleston County

Rudolph Siegling,
William Nelson Taft

George Lamb Buist

J. Francis Britton

C.R. Cassidy

James M. Eason

Sidney C. Eckhard

William T. Elfe (8)

John Frederick Ficken

John Gonzales

William Henderson

Charles Richardson Miles

Archibald Simpson Johnston Perry

Benjamin Huger Rutledge

James Simons, Jr.

Charles Henry Simonton

William Smalls

George Rivers Walker

James B. Wiggins

Chester County

William Alexander Walker

A.F. Anderson

Osmond Barber

John James Hemphill

Chesterfield County

Alexander McQueen

John Simpson Miller

David Tomley Redfearn

Clarendon County

Henry Laurens Benbow

Benjamin Pressley Barron

John Peter Richardson, Jr.

Colleton County

Robert Fishburne

John N. Cummings

William Maree

W.S. Minus

W.G. Smith (9) / John Richard Perry Fox (10)

Unknown / Vacant

Darlington County

William Caleb Coker

James Wesley Beasley

Elihu William Cannon

Jerome P. Chase

J.C. Clements

Edgefield County

Martin Witherspoon Gary

James Callison

William Haltiwanger

Campbell Gilchrest Henderson

Thomas Jones (11) / Walter Scott Allen (12)

Hugh A. Shaw

John Calhoun Sheppard*

Fairfield County

Israel Bird

Thomas Scott Brice

Robery Cheyne Clowney

Henry Augustus Gaillard

Georgetown County

Bruce H. Williams

Philip Rossignal Lachicotte

Arthur Middleton Manigault

Greenville County

Stephen Stanley Crittenden

Joseph Thomas Austin

William Choice Cleveland

Thompson H. Cooke

Milton Lafayette Donaldson

Hampton County

James Washington Moore

Charles Jones Colcock Hutson

William John Lawton

John Timothy Morrison

Horry County

William L. Buck (13) /
Thomas W. Daggett (14)

Etheldred Devan Richardson

A.H. Skipper

Kershaw County

Lewis Jefferson Patterson

John Doby Kennedy

W.R. Nelson (15) / William Dunlap Trantham (16)

L.B. Stephenson

Lancaster County

John Dunovant Wylie

John M. Beatty

Julius C. Blakeney

Laurens County

Rutherford Pressley Todd

David Wade Anderson

Joseph Benson Humbert

James Washington Watts

Lexington County

Henry Adam Meetze

Godfrey Leaphart

Gerhard Muller

Marion County

Richard Grandison Howard

John Gilchrest Blue

William M. Davis

Thomas Crawford Moody

Robert Hampton Rogers

Marlboro County

Charles Spencer McCall

Thomas Nelson Edens

Philip May Hamer

Newberry County

James Nathan Lipscomb

William M. Dorrah

George Johnstone

Christopher Henry Suber


James William Livingston

Joel Beard

George Reese Cherry

Orangeburg County

Samuel L. Duncan

John Sebastian Bowman

Benjamin Glenn Frederick

William Clarence Hane

Jefferson M. Keller

Ira T. Shoemaker

Pickens County

David Franklin Bradley

William Thomas Bowen

Rufus Alexander Childs

Richland County

John Herman Kinsler

John Edward Bacon

Edward McCrady Clarkson

John Alexander Elkins

John Cheves Haskell

John Christopher Seegars

Spartanburg County

Gabriel Cannon

John Crawford Anderson

John Wilson Carlisle

John Bomar Cleveland

John Dewberry

Sumter County

Thomas Boone Fraser (17) /
John Joseph Bossard (18)

John Julius Dargan

Joseph Haynesworth Earle

Wilson Dupre Scarborough

John H. Westberry

Union County

Thomas Bothwell Jeter**

Isaac Going McKissick

John C. Richards

Robert Wallace Shand (19) / Benjamin Herndon Rice (20)

Williamsburg County

Samuel Wesley Maurice (21) /
Stephen Decatur Miller Byrd (22)

Zachariah Randolph Fulmore

George James Graham

J.R. Lambson

York County

Isaac Donnom Witherspoon

Peter Garrison

Charles A. Green (23) / J.A. Deal (24)

Benjamin Harper Massey

Gustavus Luther McNeel
* John Calhoun Sheppard was elected as Speaker of the House. John Trimmier Sloan was elected as Clerk.
** Thomas Bothwell Jeter was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Thomas Stobo Farrow was elected as Clerk.
(1) Elected as an Associate Judge of the South Carolina Supreme Court on December 11, 1879, and he resigned from the House on December 15, 1879.
(2) Elected to replace Samuel McGowan, qualified on 2/12/1880.
(3) Elected as Commissioner of Agriculture on December 23, 1879, resigned his seat in the Senate.
(4) Elected to replace Andrew Pickens Butler, qualified on 2/10/1880.
(5) Henry Hartzog died on July 19, 1879.
(6) Elected to replace Henry Hartzog, qualified on 11/26/1879.
(7) Election protested by W.J. Verdier who alleged that Gantt confessed to taking a bribe to vote for the Blue Ridge Railroad Scrip Bill and the Validating and Financial Settlement Bills in 1873. The House Committee on Priveleges and Elections never came to a decision during the first session and deferred until the second session. They could not agree again in 1879 and discharged the matter entirely.
(8) Appointed Ministerial Trial Justice for the city of Charleston and resigned from the House on 2/10/1880.
(9) W. G. Smith died on November 15, 1879.
(10) Elected to replace W.G. Smith, qualified on 12/17/1879.
(11) Thomas Jones died on May 25, 1879.
(12) Elected to replace Thomas Jones, qualified on 11/25/1879.
(13) William L. Buck died on January 4, 1880.
(14) Elected to replace William L. Buck, qualified on 2/14/1880.
(15) W. R. Nelson died on September 12, 1879.
(16) Elected to replace W.R. Nelson, qualified on 11/25/1879.
(17) Elected as Judge of the 3rd Judicial Circuit on December 3, 1878, and resigned from the Senate on December 13, 1878.
(18) Elected to replace Thomas Boone Fraser, qualified on 11/25/1879.
(19) Appointed Reporter for the SC Supreme Court circa September 20, 1879.
(20) Elected to replace Robert Wallace Shand, qualified on 11/25/1879.
(21) Samuel Wesley Maurice died on June 24, 1879.
(22) Elected to replace Samuel Wesley Maurice, qualified on 11/25/1879.
(23) Resigned circa July 20, 1879.
(24) Elected to replace Charles A. Green, qualified on 11/25/1879.
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