South Carolina During the Late 1800s - 1865 to 1900

Members of the 54th General Assembly - 1880 to 1882
This 54th General Assembly convened in two regular sessions: The first session was held from November 23rd to December 24th in 1880. The second session was held from November 22nd to December 20th in 1881, and from January 11th to February 9th in 1882. A Special Session was convened from June 27th to July 5th in 1882.

Election District


House of Representatives

Abbeville County

John Chappell Maxwell

Franklin Fincher Gray

John H. Morrah

James David Neel

William Henry Parker

Maxwell C. Taggert

Aiken County

Daniel Sullivan Henderson

James Aldrich

James Hammond Bush

Robert H. Kernigan (1) / James L. Quinby (2)

Claude Epaminodas Sawyer

Anderson County

Baylis Franklin Crayton

Edwards Bobo Murray

Hugh Middleton Prince

Elbert Marion Rucker

Richard Wright Simpson

Barnwell County

Gerard Bull Lartigue

Thomas B. Johnson

Joseph Alexander Owens

William Branch Rice

Richard Creech Roberts

William J. Wood

Beaufort County

Thomas Ezekiel Miller

Hastings Gantt

Joseph Robinson

John C. Rue

Charleston County

Rudolph Siegling,
Augustine Thomas Smythe

W.T.W. Baker

H.L.P. Bolger

Edward James Dennis

John H. Devereux

Paul B. Drayton

George W. Egan

John Frederick Ficken

John Jenkins, Jr.

George Maxwell Mears

Edward McCrady, Jr.

Josiah Cockfield McKewn

Joseph Parker

Archibald Simpson Johnston Perry

C.P. Richardson

James Simons, Jr.

Charles Henry Simonton

John Bales Earle Sloan

Chester County

William Alexander Walker (3) /
Giles Jared Patterson (4)

Osmond Barber

John Bennett Cornwell

John James Hemphill

Chesterfield County

Alexander McQueen

Daniel Douglas (5) / Stephen Jackson (6)

William Walter Spencer

Clarendon County

Henry Laurens Benbow

Joseph Francis Rhame

James Ezra Tindal

Colleton County

Robert Fishburne

H.E. Bissell

J.W. Colson

William A. Driffle

J.M. Humbert

J.D.C. Pendarvis

Darlington County

William Caleb Coker

James Wesley Beasley

Elihu William Cannon (7) / Jerome P. Chase (8)

Edwin Keith Dargan

J.W. Williamson

Edgefield County

James Callison

Tillman Rowe Denny

John Calhoun Sheppard*

James Harrison Strom

William Jasper Talbert

Clinton Ward

Fairfield County

Henry Augustus Gaillard

John Woodward Lyles

George Hunter McMaster

Charles Edward Thomas

Georgetown County

Bruce H. Williams

Charles Petigru Allston

William James Moultrie

Greenville County

William Hayne Perry

John W. Boling

F.H. Fuller

James Walter Gray

John Ramsay Harrison

Hampton County

James Washington Moore

Charles Jones Colcock Hutson

John Timothy Morrison

William Stuckey Tillinghast

Horry County

Thomas Wilson Beaty

Etheldred Devan Richardson

Jeremiah Smith

Kershaw County

Lewis Jefferson Patterson

James THornwell Hay

A.A. Huckabee

L.B. Stephenson (9) / L.L. Clyburn (10)

Lancaster County

John Dunovant Wylie

Robert Erasmus Allison

Amos McManus (11) / David J. Carter (12)

Laurens County

John Williams Ferguson

David Lewis Anderson

John Allen Barksdale

John M. Hudgens

Lexington County

Gerhard Muller

William Theodore Brooker

Godfrey Leaphart

Marion County

William Wallace Harllee**

William Alexander Brown

John Monroe Johnson

Albert A. Myers

James McRae

Marlboro County

Charles Spencer McCall

Hope Hill Newton

James R. Parker

Newberry County

Thomas Chapman Brown

George Johnstone

Jefferson Allen Sligh

John C. Wilson


Julius Lewis Shanklin

Stiles Plumer Dendy

John Samuel Verner

Orangeburg County

James Ferdinand Izlar

Alexander Brown

Augustus Fludd

John Conrad Holman

Benjamin Hansford Knotts

Jacob Washington Summers

Pickens County

David Franklin Bradley

Joseph Carson Alexander

T.W. Tolleson

Richland County

John Herman Kinsler

Andrew Crawford

John Cheves Haskell

C.O. Marshall

John Christopher Seegars

Jesse House Taylor

Spartanburg County

Thomas John Moore

Ezra Sylvester Allen

James E. Black

William Kennedy Blake

John Wesley Wofford

Sumter County

John Joseph Bossard

Daniel Ezra Keels (13)

Wilson Dupre Scarborough (13)

Anthony White (13)

J. Harvey Wilson (13)

Union County

Thomas Bothwell Jeter (14)

John Randolph Jefferies

Isaac Going McKissick

Benjamin Herndon Rice

Williamsburg County

Stephen Decatur Miller Byrd

J.B. Chandler

Thomas McDowell Gilland

Robert Henry

York County

Isaac Donnom Witherspoon** /
James Franklin Hart (15)

John Gaillard Black

Iredell Jones

Benjamin Harper Massey

William Howard Stewart
* John Calhoun Sheppard was elected as Speaker of the House. John Trimmier Sloan was elected as Clerk.
** Isaac Donnom Witherspoon was elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate. He was then elected as Judge of the 6th Judicial Circuit on November 29, 1881, and resigned from the Senate on February 2, 1882. William Wallace Harllee was then elected as President Pro Tempore of the Senate on February 6, 1882. Thomas Stobo Farrow was elected as Clerk.
(1) Robert H. Kernigan died on February 5, 1882.
(2) Elected to replace Robert H. Kernigan, qualified on 6/27/1882.
(3) William Alexander Walker died on April 21, 1882.
(4) Elected to replace William Alexander Walker, qualified on 6/28/1882.
(5) Daniel Douglas died on February 19, 1881.
(6) Elected to replace Daniel Douglas, qualified on 11/22/1881.
(7) Appointed as Treasurer of Darlington County by Governor Johnson Hagood, resigned from the House circa June 23, 1881.
(8) Elected to replace Elihu William Cannon, qualified on 11/25/1881.
(9) L.B. Stephenson died on November 10, 1880, before taking his seat in the House.
(10) Elected to replace L.B. Stephenson, qualified on 12/15/1880.
(11) Resigned circa April 10, 1882.
(12) Elected to replace Amos McManus, qualified on 6/27/1882.
(13) The Sumter County election was protested by E.F. McCutchen and others. The Committee on Priveleges and Elections found that the protest was too vague and recommended that the protestors revise their petition and for the sitting members be given ample time to respond. This protest was continued into the 1881 session, but was never officially resolved in any available records. The sitting members continued to serve the entire assembly.
(14) Thomas Bothwell Jeter served as SC Governor from September 1, 1880 to November 30, 1880. He then resumed his seat in the SC Senate.
(15) Elected to replace Isaac Donnom Witherspoon, qualified on 6/27/1882.
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