The American Revolution in South Carolina

Colonel Owen Roberts
Owen Roberts was born in 1720. He was commissioned a Captain in the SC Provincial troops and served in the Cherokee War during 1760. Afterwards, he also served as a Captain in the Charles Town Artillery and was commissioner of fortifications. On June 17, 1775, he was commissioned a Major in the SC 1st Regiment under Col. Christopher Gadsden. On November 14, 1775, he was commissioned a Lt. Colonel/Commandant over the newly-created SC 4th Regiment (Artillery). On September 16, 1776, he was promoted to full Colonel. He was brought before a Court-Martial on July 17, 1777 for not being at his post at Fort Moultrie when the Marquis de Lafayette visited Charlestown, but was acquitted. He was killed at the battle of Stono Ferry on June 20, 1779.

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