The American Revolution in South Carolina

 The Miscellaneous Players in the Military
Name Rank/Title First Unit Served In From To Notes
Abele, Culbert Forage Master
Abney, Nathaniel Surgeon 2nd Spartan Regiment Under Col. Thomas Brandon.  Dates unknown.
Aikens, Hugh Spy For Maj. Gen. Greene
Alexander, Nathaniel Surgeon's Mate 1778 1782 The General Hospital for the Southern Department
Allen, Moses Deputy Judge Advocate General 1778 Southern Department
Allison, Thomas Paymaster Col. Wade Hampton 1781 1781
Aron, Jacob Surgeon's Mate SC 1st Regiment
Axon, Samuel Jacob Surgeon, Surgeon's Mate SC 1st Regiment 1776 1780 At Hospital first, then SC 1st Regiment.  Captured at Fall of Charleston
Ayers, Billy General Over the Catawbas BG. Thomas Sumter
Ayers, Jacob Major Over the Catawbas BG. Thomas Sumter
Baiggs, Richard Surgeon's Mate Aboard frigate South Carolina
Baker, James Fowler Surgeon SC 1st Regiment 1775
Bethany, Jacob Commissary Camden District Regiment Under Col. Thomas Taylor.  Also a Lieutenant.  From Richland District.
Black, William Deputy Commissary Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment 1780 Under Col. Andrew Pickens.
Blackwell, Charles Commissary of Issues Lower Ninety-Six District Regiment 1782 Under Col. LeRoy Hammond.
Blake, Edward Commissioner of Navy Board SC Congress 1779 1780 First in this position.  Was also Commissioner of Continental Loan Office in 1776.  POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Boss, William Commissary of Issues Continental Army
Bouchinau, Charles Clerk 1779 1780 Clerk in Commissary General's Department.
Bremar, Francis Assistant Deputy Muster Master 1780 Captured at Fall of Charleston
Brown, Ephraim Hospital Mate 1780 Captured at Fall of Charleston
Brown, James Chief Physician Continental Army 1780 1782
Brown, Richard Assistant State Commissary SC Congress
Brownfield, Robert Surgeon's Mate SC 2nd Regiment 1778 1783
Brownlee, John Sr. Surgeon 1780 Captured at Fall of Charleston
Brownson, Nathaniel Deputy Surgeon
Buchanan, John Surgeon Col. Peter Horry 1781 1782
Budd, John Shivers Surgeon SC 4th Regiment 1775 Also Capt.-Lt. under Capt. Joseph Darrel.  POW at Fall of Charleston
Burnaw, Martin Naval Department
Burnett, William Surgeon Georgetown 1782
Butler, Pierce Adjutant General SC State 1779 1779 Also a Major.
Caldwell, John Surgeon Militia
Cappelle, William Surgeon General Lafayette 1781 1782
Carne, John Surgeon's Mate 1st Continental Dragoons 1777 1783 Later Assistant Deputy Apothecary to Southern Department till end of war.
Carter, George Chief Physician Charles Town District Regiment 1779 Later Director General of the State Militia Hospitals
Cartlidge, Edmund Surgeon Hammond's Regiment of Light Dragoons 1780 1782 Surgeon under Lt. Col./Col. Samuel Hammond.
Chesnut, John Paymaster SC 3rd Regiment 1775 Resigned, reinlisted as Captain of Militia under Col. Marshall.  POW at Fall of Charleston.
Chalmers, Gilbert Coffin Maker General Hospital 1780
Charleton, Thomas Physician Fairfield District Regiment 1776
Chiffelle, Amadeus Deputy Commissary of Hides Southern Department 1782 1783 aka Amadeus Chippell
Clay, Joseph Deputy Paymaster General SC 3rd Regiment 1779
Cleiland, John Surgeon SC 2nd Regiment And in Marion's Brigade, aka John Clieland
Clitherall, James Surgeon
Cochran, Robert Powder Receiver SC State 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Cogdell, John Asst. Deputy QM General 1779 1783
Cooper, Richard Commissary Marion's Brigade
Crawford, Bellamy Deputy Purveyor Hospital Continental Army POW at Fall of Charleston.  Earlier, a Quarter Master
Curry, Nicholas Commissary Little River District Regiment 1779 Under Capt. John Thompson.  Also a QM.
Darrell, Edward Commissioner of the Navy SC State 1780 POW At the Fall of Charleston.
Dart, Benjamin Auditor/Account General SC State 1778 1780
Dart, John Sanford Paymaster SC 2nd Regiment 1775
Dart, Joseph Sanford Deputy Clothier General SC State 1777 Also Paymaster for SC 1st Regiment in 1780
Delesepine, Joseph Surgeon General Hospital
Dicky, John Purchasing Commissary
Dixon, Henry Brigade Inspector Nothing more known
Duffield, Samuel Surgeon's Mate Frigate South Carolina 1782
Dunbar, William Asst. Super. of Indian Affairs SC State 1776 1780
Dwight, Samuel Asst. Commissary of Issues Georgetown 1782
Eagan, William Assistant Commissary Continental Army 1782
Edwards, John Commissioner of Navy Board SC State POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Ellis, Richard Assistant Commissary Continental Army 1782
Evance, Thomas Paymaster SC 2nd Regiment One source asserts SC 3rd Regiment.  aka Thomas Evans.
Evans, Thomas Paymaster SC 1st Regiment 1775
Faris, Robert Commissary 1779 1783
Farr, Thomas Jr. Commissary General SC State 1775 1776 Also a paymaster
Fayssom, Peter Surgeon General SC State POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Fayssoux, Pierre Chief Physician Continental Army 1781 Southern Department
Fenwick, Edward Spy SC Light Dragoons (Loyalist) 1781 1782 A Loyalist Colonel who agreed to provide sensitive information to Capt. William Wilmot who transmitted to Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene, who later vouched for his services. A.A.2345.
Fisher, James Commissary of Prisoners Charlestown 1780 1781
Flagg, Henry Collins Surgeon SC 1st Regiment 1775 1779 Also Apothecary General near end of War.  POW at Fall of Charleston.
Fleeson, G. Assistant Commissary Georgetown 1782 1782
Flower, Richard Woodward Assistant Commissary SC State
Foskey, Bryan Asst. Commissary of Hides 1779 1780 Also pilot for French Fleet in 1779 in Siege of Savannah.
Galphin, George Superintendent Of Indian Affairs SC State
Galvan, William Inspector of Continental Army Continental Army 1780 1782 Promoted to Captain in 1779.  Promoted to Major in 1780.  Inspector of Continental Army 1780-1782.  Aide-de-Camp to Gen. George Washington Nov. 1783.
Gervais, John Lewis Deputy Paymaster General Continental Army 1778 1780 Also on Gov. John Rutledge's Council.
Gervey, Thomas Deputy Muster Master SC State 1778
Gillett, Aaron Doctor 1779
Gillett, Elijah Surgeon's Mate Southern Department 1780 1781 General Hospital
Glass, Frederick Sumter's Brigade In charge of tailors/clothiers for BG Thomas Sumter.  POW at Ft. Granby.
Glynn, David Commissary Col. John Thomas, Jr. 1780 1782
Goff, John Asst. Commissary of Issues Georgetown
Graham, William Dep. Commissary General of Forage Continental Army 1780
Grant, Robert Surgeon BG Francis Marion
Gray, Henry Paymaster SC 2nd Regiment 1777
Haddock, Andrew Clerk of Scales Continental Army 1782 1782 Under Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene.
Hahnbaum, George Surgeon Charles Town District Regiment Doctor for German Fusiliers.  At Siege of Savannah.
Haig, John James Paymaster SC 3rd Regiment 1778
Hall, George Abbott Collector of the Port Port of Charleston 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Hamilton, James Paymaster Lt. Col. Henry Hampton Under BG Thomas Sumter
Harris, John Physician & Surgeon Militia 1779 1781
Harris, Tucker Surgeon Militia 1775 1778 Also Surgeon for Continental Hospital 1781
Hart, Oliver Surgeon's Mate SC 2nd Regiment 1776 1780 Transferred to SC 3rd Regiment.  POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Exchanged.
Heath, Mrs. Ethel Assistant Commissary SC State 1782 1782 From Richland District.  Assistant to James Taylor.  Was a QM.
Heath, William Surgeon Militia POW at Fall of Charleston.  
Heyward, Thomas Assistant Judge of Common Pleas SC State POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Hogan, Philip Physician & Surgeon 1780 1783
Hunter, Edward General Paymaster Militia
Hunter, James Surgeon's Mate Militia 1781 1783
Hyslop, John Stewart Hospital at Haddrell's Point
Irvine, Matthew Surgeon Marion's Brigade
Ives, James Butcher Continental Army 1782 1783
Jackson, David Asst. Brigade Commander of Issues 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Exchanged 6/14/1781.
Jervey, Thomas Deputy Muster Master General Continental Army 1778 Also a Captain.
Jones, Noble W. Doctor Continental Army 1780
Jordan, James Commissary Militia
Keith, William Physician & Surgeon General Hospital 1777 Later, Apothecary General for Southern Department.
Kennedy, Matthew Doctor St. Bartholomew's Parish Militia 1775 2nd Lieutenant and Doctor in the Gentlemen Volunteer Company.
King, Benjamin Asst. Commissary General William Valentine 1777 1779
Knox, James Doctor Militia From Chester District.
Lachman, John Surgeon's Mate 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Latham, Henry Jr. Surgeon General Hospital
Lawrence, Adam Commissary of Hospitals Also a Surveyor's Mate, and a Lieutenant under Lt. Col. William Polk.
Lee, Nicholas Surgeon 1780
Lennox, William Commissary of Naval Prisoners Southern Department
Lochman, Charles Surgeon's Mate Artillery 1779 1783
Lochman, John Assistant Surgeon Dr. David Oliphant 1776 1782
Lyman, James Physician & Surgeon Militia 1779 1782
Lynah, Edward Surgeon's Mate Col. Daniel Horry 1776 1779-1780, a Surgeon
Lynah, James Surgeon Col. Joseph Maybank 1776 1780 Under Col. Horry 1779-1780
Lynch, James Surgeon Pulaski's Legion 1779 1781 And SC State Troops
Magin, Daniel Commissary Militia 1779
Marshall, Francis Doctor Militia 1782
Martin, James Doctor SC 3rd Regiment 1776 1783 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Mason, William Assistant Steward General Hospital 1781 1783
Massey, William Deputy Muster Master General SC State 1777 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Prisoner at St. Augustine, FL.
Mattuce, John Cattle Driver State Commissary
McCall, John Commissioner of Treasury SC State 1778 1781
McClean, John Steward General Hospital 1782
McHugo, Anthony Commissary of Purchases 1779 1779
McKinzie, William Apothecary's Mate General Hospital
McNeill, Daniel Surgeon's Mate SC 2nd Regiment
Melvill, Robert Assistant Commissary Gen. Andrew Pickens
Mercer, Richard Paymaster SC 1st Regiment 1776 Also Paymaster for SC 2nd Regiment.  Also Purveyor to Continental Line
Meyers, William Assistant Commissary Camden District Regiment
Miles, William Commissary Sumter's Brigade 1780 1780 July to August, 1780.
Mills, William Henry Physician In 1780, joined the British.
Moore, James W. Surgeon Militia 1778 1782 Also in the Hospital Department.
Moultrie, Alexander Attorney General SC State POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Murphey, John Surgeon Col. Wade Hampton 1781
Murrell, William Commissary of Public Stores Sumter's Brigade
Nelson, Robert Surgeon
Neufville, William Surgeon 1779 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Exchanged 6/14/1781.
Nisbet, William Assistant to Judge Advocate 1778
Nixon, John Bentley Salesman Commissary of Issues Department 1780 1783
Oliphant, David Director General of Hospital Southern Department 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston. 
O'Neal, John Commissary Cheraws District Regiment 1782 From Cheraws District.  A Commissary under Col. Lemuel Benton during 1782.
Orr, James Surgeon SC 6th Regiment 1778 1780
Parker, William Commissioner of Treasury Dates unknown.
Perdue, Adam Commissary Militia 1782 1782
Pettigrew, Ebenezer Commissary BG Andrew Pickens 1781 1782 From 5/24/1781 to 6/24/1781, and from 6/25/1781 to 1/1/1782.
Petsch, Adam Surgeon Militia At the Fall of Charleston.
Pierce, Abraham Acting Commissary of Purchases 1780 1781
Pomeroy, John Clerk Commissary of Issues Department Served one month.
Ponder, James Commissary 1781 1782 Also a Wagon Master, unit unknown.
Powe, Thomas Commissary of Purchases Upper Craven County Regiment From Cheraws District.  Under Col. George Hicks.
Poyas, John Earnest Jr. Regimental Surgeon Lt. Col. John Laurens    POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Prescott, Joseph Surgeon's Mate General Hospital 1779 1783
Price, Daniel Commissary Ninety-Six District Regiment Under Capt. David Dickson, dates unknown.
Purcell, Henry Chaplain SC 2nd Regiment 1776 Brigade Chaplain under Gen. Isaac Huger from 4/7/1779 to July 1781.
Rall, Thomas Commissary of Prisoners SC State 1777 1779
Ramsay, David Surgeon SC 4th Regiment 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston. Exchanged March 1781.
Ramsay, Jesse Surgeon's Mate General Hospital 1780 1783
Ramsay, Joseph Surgeon's Mate General Hospital 1782
Read, William Physician & Surgeon Southern Department 1780 1783
Richardson, William Commissary General State of South Carolina 1781 1782 Was a Captain. Owner of Bloom Hill Plantation, where he set up the State's new Commissary Depot in late 1781, after being appointed by Gov. John Rutledge.
Rodgers, Alexander Surgeon Marion's Brigade Also a Surgeon in SC 3rd Regiment.
Root, Josiah Surgeon's Mate Frigate South Carolina 1782 1783
Ross, George Doctor Militia 1778 1782
Ross, William Commissary of Issues 1779 Arrested for disobeying orders and neglect of duty, discharged 11/15/1779.
Rusche, John Henry Surgeon's Mate SC 2nd Regiment 1778
Russell, Timothy Surgeon Pickens/Williamson 1779 1782
Rutledge, Hugh Judge of the Admiralty SC State POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Sanders, Fred Surgeon's Mate Pulaski's Legion 1779 1780
Sanfort, John Deputy Clothier General Continental Army Continental Army in SC.
Sansum, John Forage Master General 1779 1780 Also, Deputy Marshall of Admiralty Court.  POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Savage, Nathan Commissary SC 2nd Regiment 1778 1779
Sharp, James Commissary Jacksonborough
Sheed, George Commissary General 1778 1783
Sinn, Frederick Surgeon SC 4th Regiment 1780 1783 POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Exchanged Oct. 1780, served till end of war.
Smith, Daniel Paymaster POW at the Fall of Charleston.  1781, Assistant Deputy Purveyor of the General Hospital.
Smith, Daniel Commissary of Navy SC State 2-1/2 years.
Smith, Josiah Jr. Commissary of Navy SC State 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Smith, M. Chaplain General Hospital 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Smith, Robert Chaplain General Hospital 1783 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Speirs, John Scalesman Continental Army 1782 1782 Served four months.
Spencer, Calvin Assistant QM General 1780 1780 From Cheraws District.
Spencer, George Commissary of Issues Also a Scalesman Jan/Feb 1783.
Springer, Sylvester Surgeon's Mate SC 2nd Regiment 1778 1783 POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Exchanged Oct. 1780, served till end of war.
Stack, Patrick Surgeon's Mate SC 1st Regiment 1779 1780 aka Patrick Stark.  POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Stafford, Arthur Deputy Barrack Master 1776 1778
Stevens, Jervis Henry Assistant Deputy Commissary 1779 1780 Also an Adjutant, a Lieutenant, and a Captain of a Brigantine.
Stevens, William Smith Surgeon's Mate Hospital Department 1779 1782
Summer, John Adam Commissary of Purchases 1781 Previously a Captain in Dutch Fork Regiment of Militia.
Sunn, Frederick Surgeon's Mate Pulaski's Legion 1778 1782 1779-1782, Surgeon in SC Artillery.
Swearingen, Van Surgeon 1781 1782 Previously a Lieutenant under Col. LeRoy Hammond.
Swinton, Hugh Commissary of Prisoners 1779 1780
Swinton, William Commissary 1780 1782 A Commissary and a QM 1780-1782.
Tateman, Daniel Commissary 1780 1781 Also a Captain.
Taylor, James Deputy Commissary General 1781 1782 From Richland District.  Under William Hort, Commissary General.  Also a Captain.
Theus, Jeremiah Surgeon SC 2nd Regiment 1777 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Theus, Perrin Surgeon Hospital Department 1777 1780 At some time in Marion's Brigade.
Thomas, Daniel Commissary SC 6th Regiment
Tourney, James Surgeon SC 3rd Regiment of State Dragoons 1781 1782 Under Col. Hezekiah Maham.
Tousinger, James Carpenter Commissary of Prisons 1780
Townsend, Paul Paymaster SC 4th Regiment 1775 1780
Tucker, Thomas Tudor Surgeon POW at the Fall of Charleston.  Later, again a surgeon till the end of the war.
Valentine, William Deputy Commissary General Southern Department 1778
Van Mayenhoff, John Doctor Militia
Vaughan, "Unknown" Surgeon Nothing more known.
Verdier, John M. Assistant Deputy Commissary General of Issues
Vickers, Samuel Physician & Surgeon Southern Department 1777 1783
Villepontoux, Benjamin Paymaster SC 4th Regiment 1780 POW at the Fall of Charleston.
Wade, Holden Assistant Commissary General of Purchases SC State
Wade, Thomas Commissary General of Purchases SC State
Walker, "Unknown" Assistant Brigade Wagon Master Sumter's Brigade
Wallace, John Surgeon
Walter, John Allen Assistant Commissary of Supplies Was a Lieutenant.
Wardin, John Doctor Colleton County Regiment 1781
Waring, Morton Assistant Commissary SC State
Warley, Felix Auditor Paymaster Was a Lieutenant and a Captain. Also Barrack Master General, Commissary General of Provisions, Prisoners, and Military Stores.
Warren, Samuel Deputy Commissioner General of Prisoners Southern Department After the Fall of Charleston, with rank of Colonel.
Watson, Samuel Commissary of Purchases Sumter's Brigade Dates unknown.
Watson, William Commissary of Issues Little River District Regiment 1779 1779 Under Col. James Williams.
Weitzel, John Surgeon's Mate Lower Ninety-Six District Regiment 1779 1783 Under Maj./Lt. Col./Col. Samuel Hammond (1781 - Hammond's Regiment of Light Dragoons).  Later a Surgeon.
West, James Dalton Surgeon POW at the Fall of Charleston.  A Junior Surgean in Contental General Hospital 1780-1781.
Whelchel, Francis Sr. Surgeon 2nd Spartan Regiment 1780 - At the battle of Kings Mountain.
Wilkinson, Edward Agent of Indian Affairs SC State 1779 1783
Will, Philip Barrack Master General 1776 1779 Also, Deputy QM General from 3/17/1779 to 8/16/1780.
Wilson, James P. Doctor Militia 1780 1782
Wood, James Commisioner of Sequestered Property 1780 1781 Mudered by "Bloody Bill" Cunningham
Wood, Thomas Assistant Continental Hospital Dates unknown.

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