The American Revolution in South Carolina

Capt. John Cowan

Known Regiment(s) Associated With:

Known Year(s) as a Captain: 

Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment


Known Lieutenants:

Known Sergeants:

Known Corporals:

Known QMs:

James Carter

James Cain



David Clark




Known Privates, etc.:

James Banks

Rivers Banks

Hickson Barksdale

Lazarus Benton

Willis Braziel

Wood Braziel

William Bready

Robert Calder

Henry Campbell

James Campbell

James Campbell

John Campbell

Alexander Clark, Sr.

Alexander Clark, Jr.

David Clark

John Collans

James Cowan

George Darden

Michael Duval

John Eager

Baylis Earle

Robert Griffin

Ewel Hill

Robert G. Hoskins

Thomas Hutchison

Burrel Johnson

Benjamin Johnston

Roger Martin


Known Battles / Skirmishes:

Feb. 14, 1779

Kettle Creek (GA)

Mar. 3, 1779

Briar Creek (GA)

Jun. 20, 1779

Stono Ferry

Sep. 16 - Oct. 18, 1779

Siege of Savannah (GA)

Mar. 28 - May 12, 1780

Siege of Charleston

Jan. 17, 1781


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