The American Revolution in South Carolina

Capt. Peter Burns

Known Regiment(s) Associated With:

Known Year(s) as a Captain: 

SC 1st Regiment of State Dragoons


Known Lieutenants:

Known Sergeants:

Known Corporals:

Known QMs:

Abraham Alexander

Nathaniel Alexander



Robert Campbell

Nathaniel Giles



Benjamin Culpeper

James Purvines



Known Privates, etc.:

Daniel Alexander

William Alexander

Mathias Beaver

Joseph Black

Joseph Black

Thomas Black

Jonathan Campbell

Hugh Caruthers

William Cochran

James Crawford

Thomas Greer

Drury Harris

John Harris

John Hayes

John Hays

Taylor Holliday

Taylor Holloway

Ambrose Jackson

John Jones

John Kesler

Matthew Lucust

Matthew Luncit

William Maxfield

John Meafield

Adam Miller

David Newell

John Patridge

John Purvines

John Roberts

Gustavus Ross

Philip Sell

Lawrence Shinpuker

John Slown

David Smith

John Smith

John Stone

Humphrey Willson



Jacob Young


Known Battles / Skirmishes:

Jul. 11, 1781

15-Mile House

Jul. 11, 1781

10-Mile House

Jul. 15, 1781

Goose Creek Bridge

Jul. 15, 1781

St. James Goose Creek Bridge

Jul. 15, 1781

Quarter House

Jul. 16, 1781

Strawberry Ferry

Jul. 17, 1781

Quinby's Bridge

Jul. 17, 1781

Shubrick's Plantation

Sep. 8, 1781

Eutaw Springs

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