The American Revolution in South Carolina

Capt. Peter Clinton

Known Regiment(s) Associated With:

Known Year(s) as a Captain: 

New Acquisition District Regiment


Known Lieutenants:

Known Sergeants:

Known Corporals:

Known QMs:


Known Privates, etc.:

Robert Adams

Andrew Armer

William Armer

Arthur Armstrong

William Armstrong

Thomas Barnett

William Campbell

Robert Cowden

James Craig

William Davis

Alexander Gillespie

John Guyton

William Hanna

Samuel Hemphill

Thomas Jennings

John Kincaid

Nathan Mendenhall

James Miller

Thomas Newsmith

Robert Patrick

William Patrick

John Patterson

James Quin

James Sloan

Samuel Thomson



John Vicary


Known Battles / Skirmishes:

Dec. 22, 1775

Great Cane Brake

Dec. 23-30, 1775

Snow Campaign

Aug. 1, 1776

Seneca Town

Aug. 8-11, 1776

Cherokee Towns

Aug. 12, 1776


Sep. 19, 1776

Coweecho River (NC)

May 11, 1779

Charleston Neck

Jun. 20, 1779

Stono Ferry

Sep. 16 - Oct. 18, 1779

Siege of Savannah (GA)

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