The American Revolution in South Carolina

Bowling Green

June 8, 1782

Patriot Cdr:

Brigadier General
Francis Marion
Loyalist Cdr:

Major Micajah Ganey






Old District: 

Georgetown District
Present County:

Marion County

aka Burch's Mill.

Brigadier General Francis Marion and his Patriots attacked and captured a group of Loyalists under the command of Major Micajah Gainey. After being captured the Loyalist sued for peace and disbanded. Major Gainey and his 500 men pledged their allegiance to South Carolina and the United States.

Major Gainey's followers laid down their guns at Bowling Green. Major Gainey told Brigadier General Marion that he could not relinquish his command to Marion, but would have to do that to Col. Nisbet Balfour, in Charlestown, from whom he received his commission. Once that was done, Major Gainey promised that he would return. This he did. The treaty signed required the Loyalists to join Marion's Brigade for a minimum of six months to obtain a full pardon, and most who agreed served faithfully to the end of the war.

The treaty was good for all Loyalists except for Col. David Fanning of North Carolina, Major Samuel Andrews, and Major William Cunningham. They were to receive no mercy.

In his 1833 pension application, North Carolina militiaman Isham Dickeson (R2823) asserted:

"Soon after joining General Marion they set out in pursuit of a Col. Fanning a celebrated Tory Col. who was committing great depradations about Drowning Creek, Raft Swamp, Shoe Heel and Little Pedee -- when they reached a place called the Bowling Green, General Marion selected from his troops one hundred foot men to go out as spies and scouts (of which number this declarant was one) who were placed under the command of Capt. Robert Ellison. After leaving the Main Army, they traversed the country for several days in order to discover if possible the hiding place of the Tories. On the night of the third day, they fell in with a small body of them with whom they had a considerable skirmish having killed and wounded several, (the number not known) without losing a man."

Known Patriot Participants

Known British/Loyalist Participants

Brigadier General Francis Marion - Commanding Officer

Unknown units with unknown number of men.

Major Micajah Gainey

Unknown units, ~500 men.

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