The American Revolution in South Carolina

Rocky Creek

August 3, 1780

Patriot Cdr:

Col. Thomas Sumter
Loyalist Cdr:

Major John Carden




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Old District: 

Camden District
Present County:

Chester County

Major John Carden, with 800 men of the Prince of Wales American Regiment (Provincials) and two field pieces, were on their way from Camden to the first battle at Hanging Rock (too late), when they met some of Col. Thomas Sumter's forces foraging for food around Rocky Creek.

Col. Sumter ordered Col. Richard Winn to take 100 men and delay Major Carden until everyone could safely withdraw. Col. Winn sent Capt. Coleman (GA) and William Stroud ahead, while the rest saddled up. These two men were captured and immediately hanged by the enemy beside the road.

The two sides exchanged long-range fire, but did not get close enough to get fully engaged. Col. Andrew Neel did get too close and was shot in his saddle - he died on the road near the enemy forces. Another of Col. Winn's men was wounded.

Major Carden withdrew back towards Rocky Mount and Col. Winn pursued them at a distance, but broke off as the enemy approached their camp at Rocky Mount. The next day, Lt. Col. James Hawthorn was sent under a flag of truce to bury Col. Andrew Neel. Lt. Col. Hawthorn reported that he thought the enemy had lost 12-14 men killed and/or wounded.

Known Patriot Participants

Known British/Loyalist Participants

Col. Thomas Sumter - Commanding Officer

Fairfield Regiment of Militia detachment led by Col. Richard Winn with unknown number of men

Captain Coleman (GA) (hanged)

New Acquisition District Regiment of Militia detachment led by Col. Andrew Neel (killed) and Lt. Col. James Hawthorn with unknown number of men

Major John Carden - Commanding Officer

Prince of Wales American Regiment with 800 men and two field pieces




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