The American Revolution in South Carolina

March 1, 1775

June 21, 1775

November 21, 1775

April 15, 1776

June 4, 1776

October 31, 1776

February 15, 1777

October 30, 1777

March 28, 1778

January 10, 1779

October 10, 1779

January 20, 1780

May 12, 1780

June 1, 1780

August 16, 1780

January 20, 1781

May 15, 1781

September 30, 1781

November 15, 1781

January 31, 1782

December 14, 1782


On February 1, 1776, the Second Provincial Congress met for the second time. With increased pressure from the Continental Congress, it resolved to create two new regiments of "riflemen" - a new concept that was deemed successful in other colonies. Originally called the SC 1st Regiment of Riflemen and the SC 2nd Regiment of Riflemen, these designators did not even make it out of the Congress due to confusion with the existing 1st and 2nd regiments. So, they were designated as the SC 5th Regiment and the SC 6th Regiment - of Provincial Troops to be paid out of the colony's coffers. By the end of February of 1776, these new regiments were quickly formed after their officers were appointed by the Council of Safety.

The independent companies led by Capt. Benjamin Tutt and Capt. John Bowie joined the SC 5th Regiment during February. Two new independent companies were formed by Capt.-Lt. John Withers and Capt. John Allston - both taking orders directly from the Council of Safety, along with the existing independent company led by Capt. Samuel Boykin.

All of the previous Militia regiments remained essentially unchanged since November of 1775.

As of this point in time, most of the key Loyalists have been captured and temporarily subdued. However, the British fleet continues to harrass local shipping and continues to steal livestock and other goods from those living along the coast. To date, there have been no battles - only small skirmishes - within the colony, thanks to the Congress's posturing and providing a good show of military recruitment/staffing.

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