The American Revolution in South Carolina

March 1, 1775

June 21, 1775

November 21, 1775

February 29, 1776

June 4, 1776

October 31, 1776

February 15, 1777

October 30, 1777

March 28, 1778

January 10, 1779

October 10, 1779

January 20, 1780

May 12, 1780

June 1, 1780

August 16, 1780

January 20, 1781

May 15, 1781

September 30, 1781

November 15, 1781

January 31, 1782

December 14, 1782


On March 23, 1776, the Second Provincial Congress agreed to recognize three more regiments of militia - that had been in existence for almost a year - for the three new districts named during February of 1775. On March 26, 1776, the Second Provincial Congress closed and the State General Assembly met for the first time - with the State's drafted Constitution approved during the first session. South Carolina was now a State with State Troops and not Provincial Troops.

By now, Col. Andrew Williamson took over the Ninety-Six District Regiment (of militia) from Col. John Savage. Col. Jonas Beard took over the Lower District Regiment (of militia) from Col. Robert Starke. Col. Joseph Maybank took over the Berkeley County Regiment (of militia) from Col. Richard Singleton. Lt. Col. Isaac Hayne took over the Colleton County Regiment (of militia) from Col. Joseph Glover. And finally, Col. Hugh Giles took over the Lower Craven County Regiment (of militia) from Col. Job Rothmahler.

In April of 1776, the Continental Army designated Brig. Gen. John Armstrong as the leader of the newly-created Southern Department (of the Continental Army), and his authority ostensibly extends to South Carolina. His tenure in this position is so short-lived that he has virtually no influence on the state of military affairs within South Carolina.

At this point in time, the "war" is one full year old, with great activity up north, but very little activity in the "Southern Department." Within South Carolina, the Loyalists are biding their time, and the British fleet is not quite as active, but they're still here.

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