The American Revolution in South Carolina

March 1, 1775

June 21, 1775

November 21, 1775

February 29, 1776

April 15, 1776

June 4, 1776

February 15, 1777

October 30, 1777

March 28, 1778

January 10, 1779

October 10, 1779

January 20, 1780

May 12, 1780

June 1, 1780

August 16, 1780

January 20, 1781

May 15, 1781

September 30, 1781

November 15, 1781

January 31, 1782

December 14, 1782


On September 20, 1776, the South Carolina General Assembly finally agreed to place the State's six regiments of State Troops on the Continental Line. However, it would not be until 1778 that these troops were actually paid for by the Continental Congress - just as the state of South Carolina had feared. However, the South Carolinian government was quite shrewd - they firmly stipulated that no SC State Troops - on the Continental Line or not - could leave the State without SC legislature approval. Incredibly, this held true for the duration of the American Revolution.

While this was being done, two of South Carolina's key military personnel were offered commissions as brigadier general within the Continental Army - Col. William Moultrie and Col. Christopher Gadsden - which they accepted on September 16, 1776. Col. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney took over the SC 1st Regiment from Gadsden, after being promoted from Lt. Colonel. Col. Isaac Motte took over the SC 2nd Regiment from Moultrie, after being promoted from Lt. Colonel.

So, Moultrie and Gadsden no longer "officially" directed these SC State Troops. As brigadier generals within the Continental Army, they could only work with the Council of Safety (or more often, the President/Governor of South Carolina) to jointly decide how best to deploy the South Carolina State Troops. But, now they also were members of the War Council within the Continental Army, so they did have more say in the planning for upcoming troop deployments.

One source asserts that along with the creation of two brigadier generals came the creation of two new brigades of SC Continentals. This source asserts that Brig. Gen. William Moultrie led the SC 1st Brigade, which included the SC 1st Regiment, the SC 3rd Regiment, and the SC 6th Regiment. Brig. Gen. Christopher Gadsden led the SC 2nd Brigade, which included the SC 2nd Regiment, the SC 4th Regiment, and the SC 5th Regiment. This Author has uncovered absolutely no other reliable sources to corroborate these assertions, even though they do seem highly plausible. I leave it to the reader to decide on this issue.

In September, Maj. Gen. Charles Lee was recalled to the north, and he left Brig. Gen. James Moore in charge while he was temporarily gone. Well, the temporariness became permanent, and ultimately Brig. Gen. Robert Howe officially succeeded Maj. Gen. Charles Lee as the head of the Southern Department.

Since June, there were no changes within the leadership of the regiments of militia.

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