The American Revolution in South Carolina

March 1, 1775

June 21, 1775

November 21, 1775

February 29, 1776

April 15, 1776

June 4, 1776

October 31, 1776

February 15, 1777

October 30, 1777

March 28, 1778

October 10, 1779

January 20, 1780

May 12, 1780

June 1, 1780

August 16, 1780

January 20, 1781

May 15, 1781

September 30, 1781

November 15, 1781

January 31, 1782

December 14, 1782


In December of 1778, Maj. Gen. Robert Howe was ordered to the north and Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln was appointed as commander of the Continental Army's Southern Department, with his headquarters officially in Charlestown. But, when he first arrived in South Carolina he camped at Purrysburg near the Savannah River in an attempt to thwart an impending threat by the British in and around Savannah.

On January 9, 1779, Isaac Huger was promoted to Brigadier General to fill the vacancy left by BG Christopher Gadsden in 1777. John Stewart was promoted to Colonel and appointed the new commander of the SC 5th Regiment to replace Col. Isaac Huger.

With the resignations of Col. Isaac Motte of the SC 2nd Regiment and Col. Thomas Sumter of the SC 6th Regiment in September of 1778, the State backfilled these positions with Lt. Colonels - to make prisoner exchanges easier with the British Army, which had long employed Lt. Colonels as regiment leaders. Lt. Col. Francis Marion assumed command of the SC 2nd Regiment and Lt. Col. William Henderson assumed command of the SC 6th Regiment.

Col. George Gabriel Powell died in January of 1779, and his immediate replacement as the commander of the Cheraws District Regiment is currently unknown. One source asserts that Lt. Col. Abel Kolb became his successor, while other sources assert that Lt. Col. Abel Kolb was a leader within the Charles Town District Regiment until after the Fall of Charleston in 1780.

Col. John Thomas, Sr. was captured in February of 1779 and was held as a prisoner for fourteen (14) months by the British. His son, John Thomas, Jr. was elected as Colonel and took over command of the 1st Spartan Regiment in his place.

During the battle of Stono Ferry on June 20, 1779, two regimental commanders were killed in action: Col. Owen Roberts of the SC 4th Regiment (Artillery), and Col. Thomas Neel of the New Acquisition District Regiment. Barnard Beeckman was appointed as the new colonel and commander of the SC 4th Regiment. Samuel Watson was elected as the colonel and commander of the New Acquisition District Regiment.

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