The American Revolution in South Carolina

March 1, 1775

June 21, 1775

November 21, 1775

February 29, 1776

April 15, 1776

June 4, 1776

October 31, 1776

February 15, 1777

October 30, 1777

March 28, 1778

January 10, 1779

October 10, 1779

January 20, 1780

May 12, 1780

June 1, 1780

August 16, 1780

January 20, 1781

September 30, 1781

November 15, 1781

January 31, 1782

December 14, 1782


With the arrival of Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene and his Continentals, the tide began to slowly shift against the British and the Loyalists. With a few collaborations under their belts, the militia began to trust Greene, even though no one could honestly claim that the Patriots were "winning." Gov. John Rutledge returned from North Carolina, and more SC congressmen began to come out of hiding - there was now a semblance of civilian leadership within the state for the first time in a year. Gov. Rutledge insisted that the militia work with the Continentals - however, this did not suit BG Thomas Sumter who was quite used to calling all the shots until now. Marion and Pickens apparently had no significant problems with these orders.

In the Spring of 1781, Sumter established five new regiments of State Troops - with Maj. Gen. Greene's approval. These new State Troops were: the SC 1st Regiment of State Dragoons, led by Col. Wade Hampton; the SC 2nd Regiment of State Dragoons, led by Col. Charles Myddleton; Hampton's Regiment of Light Dragoons, led by Lt. Col. Henry Hampton; Hill's Regiment of Light Dragoons, led by Col. William Hill; and, Polk's Regiment of Light Dragoons, led by Lt. Col. William Polk of North Carolina. All soldiers were required to serve for a minimum of ten months to earn their promised bounty.

While Col. Benjamin Roebuck was a prisoner of the British, Lt. Col. Henry White led Roebuck's Battalion of Spartan Regiment. After the Loyalists murdered Col. Abel Kolb, Lemuel Benton took over as colonel and commander of the Cheraws District Regiment. In January of 1781, Lt. Col. Peter Horry was authorized to create a new regiment of militia, aptly named Horry's Light Dragoons. In March of 1781, BG Francis Marion authorized Maj. Hezekiah Maham to create a second new regiment of militia, again aptly named Maham's Light Dragoons.

Finally, Col. William Bratton and Col. Edward Lacey decided to leave Sumter's command and joined BG Andrew Pickens.

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