The Royal Colony of South Carolina

28th Commons House of Assembly - 1768
The Twenty-Eighth Commons House of Assembly under Royal Rule met on at least one (1) known occasion. The singular session met from November 15th to November 19th in 1768.

Election District


All Saints Parish
(2 delegates)

Joseph Allston (1)

Thomas Lynch (2)

 Christ Church Parish
(2 delegates)

John Poaug

John Rutledge

Prince Frederick's Parish
(2 delegates)

Charles Cantey (3)

Theodore Gaillard (3)

Prince George's, Winyah Parish
(2 delegates)

Elias Horry, Jr.

Thomas Lynch (2)

Prince William's Parish
(2 delegates)

Vacant (4)

Vacant (4)

St. Andrew's Parish
(3 delegates)

Jeremiah Savage (3)

George Sheed (3)

William Scott

St. Bartholomew's Parish
(4 delegates)

Rawlins Lowndes (5)

James Parsons

James Reid

James Skirving, Jr.

St. David's Parish
(1 delegate) 

Claudius Pegues (3)

St. George's, Dorchester Parish
(2 delegates)

Tacitus Gaillard (6)

Benjamin Waring

St. Helena's Parish
(3 delegates)

Vacant (4)

Vacant (4)

Vacant (4)

St. James, Goose Creek Parish
(3 delegates)

Tacitus Gaillard (6) (7)

Moses Kirkland (3) (7)

Aaron Loocock (3) (7)

St. James, Santee Parish
(2 delegates)

Thomas Evance

Daniel Horry (3)

St. John's, Berkeley Parish
(3 delegates)

Edward Harleston

John Harleston

William Moultrie

St. John's, Colleton Parish
(3 delegates)

John Freer (8)

Robert Rivers (3)

William Wragg (9)

St. Luke's Parish
(2 delegates)

Stephen Drayton (3)

Daniel Heyward (10)

St. Mark's Parish
(1 delegate)

Benjamin Farrar (3)

St. Matthew's Parish
(1 delegate)

William Thomson (3)

St. Michael's Parish
(3 delegates)

Benjamin Dart

John Lloyd

Thomas Savage

St. Paul's Parish
(3 delegates)

Benjamin Elliott

Charles Elliott

Archibald Stanyarne

St. Peter's Parish
(1 delegate) 

William Williamson (3)

St. Philip's Parish
(3 delegates)

Christopher Gadsden

Henry Laurens

Charles Pinckney

St. Stephen's Parish
(1 delegate) 

Peter Sinkler (11)

St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish
(3 delegates)

John Huger

*Peter Manigault

Robert Quash, Jr.
* Peter Manigault was elected as Speaker of the House. Thomas Skottowe was elected as Clerk of the House. Jonathan Badger and Edward Weyman were elected as Messengers of the House.
(1) Joseph Allston declined to serve. Seat remained vacant.
(2) Thomas Lynch was elected to represent both All Saints Parish and Prince George's, Winyah Parish. He chose to represent Prince George's, Winyah Parish. His seat in All Saints Parish remained vacant.
(3) Charles Cantey, Stephen Drayton, Benjamin Farrar, Theodore Gaillard, Daniel Horry, Moses Kirkland, Aaron Loocock, Claudius Pegues, Robert Rivers, Jeremiah Savage, George Sheed, William Thomson, and William Willaimson were elected, but none ever qualified for this Assembly.
(4) No returns were ever made for Prince William's Parish and St. Helena's Parish.
(5) Rawlins Lowndes declined to serve. Seat remained vacant.
(6) Tacitus Gaillard was elected to represent both St. George's, Dorchester Parish and St. James, Goose Creek Parish. He never indicated which parish he chose to represent.
(7) The election in St. James, Goose Creek Parish was referred to the Committe on Priveleges and Elections because a large number of backcountry came into the parish and voted illegally. The matter was not resolved before the Assembly was dissolved.
(8) John Freer declined to serve. Seat remained vacant.
(9) William Wragg declined to serve. Seat remained vacant.
(10) Daniel Heyward declined to serve. Seat remained vacant.
(11) Peter Sinkler declined to serve. Seat remained vacant.
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