The Royal Colony of South Carolina

The Barbadian Settlers During the Royal Period (1729 to 1775)

Although the Barbadians were significantly involved in the early settling and development of South Carolina in the late 1600s and early 1700s, by the time that the Crown took over the colony their influence and continued immigration had dwindled to nearly nothing. By the start of the Royal Period in 1729, South Carolina had evolved so differently than what continued in Barbados that there was no longer a great incentive to leave Barbados.

Of course, some did leave Barbados - to return to England and to emigrate to the colonies. Their numbers were in the "handfulls" and not in the thousands as happened in the late 17th century. Those that did arrive in South Carolina settled in and near Charles Town or Beaufort, with virtually none heading into the interior of the colony. They were comfortable living along the seacoast not with the hardships of the interior.

Since the Barbadians considered themselves English - or English/Welsh - there is no separate enumeration of their numbers in any censuses or tax rolls. So, it is quite difficult to assess what their true numbers were during the Royal Period. 

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