A History of Edmundsbury, South Carolina

Found on quite a few maps of South Carolina as early as 1764 and as late as 1780, a small village named Edmundsbury can be found north and west of the well-known early town of Willton, situated in what is today Colleton County.

Edmundsbury on the Ashepoo was laid out on land given by Edmund Bellinger, the second Landgrave, and named for him. Today nothing is there except a few graves that surround the site of the church.

Edmund Bellinger of Westmorland County, England married Elizabeth Cartwright and emigrated to America about the year 1688, at which time he was created first Landgrave. His son Edmund was second Landgrave. He married Elizabeth Butler; their son Edmund became third Landgrave. He in turn married Mary Lucia Bull; their son Edmund was fourth Landgrave.

Nothing else is currently known about this village/hamlet in early South Carolina.

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