A History of Pendleton, South Carolina

Farmer's Hall - Pendleton, SC (2008)

Just a few minutes from downtown Clemson is the historic town of Pendleton. Founded in 1790, it is as genteel as its name. Pendleton is the center of one of the nation's largest historic districts, and is located in present-day Anderson County, South Carolina.

At the time of creation, the town of Pendleton was the county seat of Pendleton County, which was established in 1789, then made a part of the newly-created Washington District in 1791. In 1798, the Washington District was abolished and renamed to the Pendleton District, which in turn was abolished two years later in 1800. Pendleton County (district) continued in existence from 1800 to 1826, when it was again abolished and split into Anderson County and Pickens County. In 1868, Oconee County was carved out of Pickens County.

Ashtabula House - Pendleton, South Carolina

Founded in 1790 on land which just a few years earlier had been a part of the Cherokee Indian Nation, Pendleton now is one of the largest historic districts in the nation.

A mixture of rugged Scots-Irish immigrants and affluent South Carolina lowcountry planters and politicians created the foundation on which Pendleton continues to grow. Now a modern-day community with fine homes, quaint shops, excellent restaurants and proud, friendly residents, the town is worth discovering - or rediscovering - as an excellent place to visit for awhile or stay for a lifetime.

A picturesque village green is the centerpiece of historic Pendleton. The spotlight is not only on the majestic past, but on the opportunities for the present and the future.

As Pendleton Court House, the town was granted a U.S. Post Office on April 1, 1795, and its first Postmaster was Mr. William Steele. In 1826, Pendleton District (county) was abolished, and Pendleton Court House was now in Anderson District (county). In 1832, the Post Office Department officially changed its name simply to Pendleton. Its Post Office has been in continuous operation ever since inception in 1795.

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