South Carolina Railroads - Industrial (Company) Lines

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Known Industrial Railroads in South Carolina Year Started Year Ended Length Notes
D.W. Alderman & Company Railroad
Archdale Phosphate Company Railroad 1890 < 2 mi On east bank of Ashley River upstream from Lambs,
run by Bullwinkle.*
Argent Lumber Company Railroad 1916 1956 20 mi aka Garysburg Manufacturing Company Railroad
Atlantic Coast Lumber Company Railroad
Avondale Lumber Company Railroad 1925 1929 16 mi
Bailey Libby Company Railroad 1889 1919
Beam Lumber Company Railroad 1922 1926 6 mi In Lugoff. Their six miles of track went into the Wateree
River Swamp.**
Bear Swamp Mining Company Railroad 1891 Bear Swamp is centered between the Ashley River
Road and Rantowles Creek, and between Bees Ferry
Road and Middleton Place. The original railroad
diverted from Ravenel's private railroad on the side of
Bees Ferry Road and headed north. It was run by Rose,
then by Hertz. Possibly, Charleston Mining &
Manufacturing picked it up and extended it through
Runnymede and into Millbrook on the edge of Bradley's
Bulow Mines tract.*
Beaufort Veneer & Packing Company Railroad 1920
Becker County Sand & Gravel Company Railroad 1930s 1940s - A spur line that came off the Seaboard Air Line behind
the former DuPont May Plan to their gravel washer on
Lugoff Farms. A saddle tank steam engine.**
W.B. Blades & Brothers Company Railroad
J.H. Blake Lumber Company Railroad
Edward Bodington & Company Railroad Probably the same as Cooper River Phosphate
Company Railroad, which was owned by Ed
Bodington. See below.
Bolton Mines Railroad 1873 aka Wylie & Gordon Company Railroad. Bolton Mines
was located at Johns Island Station, where Bees Ferry
Road meets Hwy 17 and on a side road down to the
Stono River.*
Brewer Mining Company Railroad 1890
Bridgeport Lumber Company Railroad 1905
Bulow Mines Railroad 1874 aka Bradley Company Railroad. Originated on the east
bank of Rantowles Creek opposite the County Line
Road that crossed over on Bradley's Bridge. The ACL
ran a line from Johns Island Station up to Bulow Mines.
The Bulow Mines line ran diagonally up to Bear Swamp
Road. Here a number of sidings were built.*
Butters Lumber Company Railroad 1897 1927
Calhoun Sawmill Company Railroad 1907 1928 10 mi
Charleston Iron Works Railroad 1891
Clifton Manufacturing Company Railroad 1895
Congaree Lumber Company Railroad 1870s
Cooper River Phosphate Company Railroad 1915 Owned by Ed Bodington.*
Deep River Lumber Company Railroad 1905 1922 15 mi
Dorchester Lumber Company Railroad 1908 1935 30 mi
Edisto River Lumber Company Railroad 15 mi
Guignard Brick Works Railroad 1911 1935
Halsey Lumber Company Railroad 1910 1922 5 mi A.O. Halsey Lumber Company - Dorchester County.*
Hammer Lumber Company Railroad 1910 1917 14 mi
Hardaway Contracting Company Railrad 1916 1920 - Spur line from the main Seaboard Air Line in Lugoff to
the Wateree Dam site. They employed about 8 saddle
tank steam engines.**
Harrison Cannon Company Railroad 1910 7 mi
Honaker & Jackson Lumber Company 1932
R.R. Hudgins Company Railroad 1896 4 mi
J.C. Inabnett Company Railroad 1889
Jericho Lumber Company Railroad 1891 1905 20 mi
Charles Knapp Company Railroad
W.T. Kuhin Company Railroad
James M. Lumb Company Railroad
Lynches River Tramway Company 1904 1906
Maynard Brothers Company Railroad 1920
McDairmid Williams Lumber Company Railroad 1906
McNamee Kaolin Company Railroad 1920
H. McWilliams Company Railroad
Mims & Dantzler Company Railroad 1885
Mount Holly Mines Railroad 1890 aka Berkeley Phosphate Company Railroad. Located at
Mount Holly very near Goose Creek, the line was west
of the North Eastern RR (ACL-CSX). This was the
first company in the world to use Phosphate cars provided
by the North Eastern RR as early as 1870.*
Mullins Lumber & Brick Company Railroad 1905 1924 12 mi aka Mullins Lumber Company Railroad
Omohundro Lumber Company Railroad
Otranto Lumber Company Railroad 1912 4 mi
Oxbridge Mines Railroad 1882 Most likely Uxbridge Mines Railroad. See below.
Palmetto Lumber Company Railroad
Paragon Kaolin Works Railroad
S.M. Parker Lumber Works Railroad
Parker Brooks Construction Company Railroad 1912
Piedmont Tin Mining Company Railroad 1912
Pon Pon Phosphate Company Railroad 1881 1917 3 mi aka Fishburne (or Fishbourne) Company Railroad. The
works were located on the east side of the Pon Pon
River (Edisto) and just a bit north of the Savannah &
Charleston tracks. It ran north up the east bank to
Fishburne's Landing and crossed to the west side. It ran
diagonally to Iron Crossroads.*
J.F. Prettyman Lumber Company Railroad associated with Summerville & St. Johns Railroad
Prewer Mining Company Railroad 1890
J.J. Riddle Company Railroad
Rocky Bluff Lumber Company Railroad 1905 1909
Rose Mining & Manufacturing Company Railroad 1882 Arthur Rose had his works at the Ashley River
Savannah & Charleston RR bridge west end and just to
the north of the double tracks. This was Drayton's
Station, which was on the south side of the tracks. The
Rose railroad ran on the north side of Bees Ferry Road
to near Bear Swamp Road at Red Top, SC.*
Salkehatchie Lumber Company Railroad
Scotland Lumber Company Railroad
Smoak Tramway precursor to Branchville & Bowman Railroad
Sullivan Lumber Company Railroad 1919
Sumter Pine & Cypress Company Railroad 1909
D.W. Taylor Lumber Company Railroad associated with Summerville & St. Johns Railroad
D.E. Throwers Company Railroad
Tilghman Lumber Company Railroad 1891 1903
Unaka Lumber Company Railroad 1910 1920
Uxbridge Mines Railroad - - This is not Oxbridge, but a plantaiton known as
Uxbridge, which is north on the Ashley River from
Middleton Place. Limited Mining*
Wando Phosphate Company Railroad 1890 This was on the east side of the Ashley River and
downstream from Fetteresa, where the railorad bridge
crosses over. The rock went downstream to the Wando
Works for conversion to fertilizer by lighter on the
Weber & Davis Company Railroad 1891 1910
J.G. White & Company Railroad 1904 1926
Winston & Company Railroad 1913 1936
Yemassee Merchantile Company Railroad 1920

*Information provided in September 2008 by Mr. Thomas Fetters of Lombard, IL, who is writing a book on the phosphate mines in the SC lowcountry.
Good luck, Mr. Fetters, and thanks for the information.

**Information provided in August of 2014 by Mr. Charles Baxley of Lugoff, SC. Thanks for the new info.

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