South Carolina Railroads - Blue Ridge Railway


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Year Line Operational

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Still Operational

Walhalla, SC

Anderson, SC
Was the Blue Ridge Railroad. Owned by Southern Railway.

In 1894, after a major reorganization of most railroads of the south, most notably, the Richmond & Danville Railroad, the Blue Ridge Railroad was re-organized as the Blue Ridge Railway Company, though still controlled and operated by the Columbia & Greenville Railroad.

At this time, the Blue Ridge Railway actually began the first "independent" operation of its life. Locomotives 1 and 2, a pair of old 4-4-0 steam locomotives were purchased from the C&G as its first motive power. Over the next few decades, the venerable 4-6-0 "Ten Wheeler" style of locomotive was the engine style of choice.

In the 1900s, the Blue Ridge Railway ran from the Southern Railway Washington-Atlanta mainline to Walhalla SC, interchanging with Southern Railway, the Charleston & Western Carolina Railroad (owned by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad), and the Piedmont & Northern Railroad.

By the late 1950s, Southern Railway motive power began showing up on the railroad. By then, there was little evidence that the Blue Ridge was ever an independent company with a long and storied past.

Towns on Route:


West Union

Bounty Land





Autun > La France (1930)

Sandy Springs (1907)


Mills Station (1900s)

Anderson C.H. > Anderson (1895)

The 22nd Annual Report of the South Carolina Railroad Commissioners of 1900 provided the following list of stations with mileage for the Blue Ridge Railway:

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